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Test 10

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. I'm sure you are able to ... a decision if you try hard.

A. rich B. reach С. rate D. repeat

2. Why not try to do it? But not at my ..., though.

A. effect B. essay C. excuse D. expense

3. Put the book here where it ... .

A. is B. goes С. belongs D. waits

4. Your career... are better if you have a degree.

A. prospects B. projects C. products D. progress

5. This is a very common .... . Things like that happen very often.

A. even B. evil С. event D. ever

6. It is ... of you to come to see us today.

A. respectable B. definite С. disappointed D. decent

7. If the situation is good for action you are able to ... your plans.

A. assign B. attend С. accelerate D. appear

8. In theory at..., nothing worth having is ever easy.

A. least B. last C. late D. lean

9. Your pal isn't going to change, and you are going to ... it.

A. accelerate B. advise C. accept D. agree

10. Current tasks are important, but we are to be ... of the future.

A. mind B. mindful C. mistaken D. matter

Test 11

Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment:

1. Mr. Jones is going to be back soon.

A. seldom B. simply C. softly D. shortly

2. The meeting is going to take an hour at the most.

A. mainly B. much С. tops D. as a whole

3. Are you ready to make a promise or help?

A. commitment to B. plan for С. choice of D. problem of

4. Things aren't always what they look.

A. arrange B. appear C. admire D. attend

5. Unfortunately we are going to end our project before it is really


A. terminate В. finish С. quit D. complete

6. We are about to finish our work.

A. on schedule B. in the stretch С. through D. on a high note

7. The boy is a good footballer. He is very quick.

A. first B. full С. flat D. fast

8. Do or at least say something nice to make your friend happy.

A. cheer... up B. please С. disappoint D. reach

9. Donald is over there near the car.

A. here in B. in to C. close to D. closely

10. I wonder if the matter is really that big for you to spend so much time on it.

A. what the time you spend B. word the time you spend

С. watch the time you spend D. worth the time you spend

Test 12

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. Things are not that bad. You ... not be so upset.

A. can't B. should С. had better D. mustn't

2. We ... take anything from their office without asking permission.

A. can't B. must С. shouldn't to D. are

3. Any person ... be ready to make commitments one day.

A. had better to B. must С. can to D. shouldn't

4. The boy isn't rude, after all. He simply ... know what is what.

A. mustn't B. can't С. may not D. is

5. It is impossible for our good friend to take up such a big project. He ... have unlimited possibilities.

A. may not B. might not С. mustn't D. can't

6. I'm afraid your current results are flat. You ... do something about it.

A. had better not B. can't С. shouldn't D. had better

7. A talented person like you ... learn the ins and outs of the business in no time.

A. can B. can't С. could D. should

8. Why not consult a lawyer? The situation ... call for it.

A. could to B. had better C. may D. can

9. We have every chance to finish the job quickly. We ... finish even ahead of schedule.

A. can B. could С. may D. might

10. George is not very lucky now. But he ... be some day.

A. should be B. had better С. might D. mustn't

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