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Test 20

Choose the right completion to the sentence:

1. Well, I.......lose.

A. am B. am not С. not D. don't

2. People who bet on me.......(1), and they........(2) big.

(1) A. lose B. lose lose С are lose D. to lose lose

(2) A. lose B. are lose С. losing D. loses

3. Technically, I am busy right now. Not.......makes any difference.

I am always busy.

A. that's that B. that that С. that and that D. that

4. Nothing could.......more sense than that.

A. give B. do C. mean D. make

5. ... guys like us ever get disappointed?

A. Are B. Ought С. Do D. Have

6. Isn't it too soon for ... (1) to make a change in ... (2) strategy?

(1) A. their B. them С. they D. they're

(2) A. these B. them С. a D. their

7. What are we to do now? What... the rulebook say?

A. is B. do С. does D –

8. Your enemies might try to ... something in your past not to give

you a chance to get to the top.

A. make up B. set up C. keep up D. dig up

9. Ed knows every ... person in the University.

A. one B. only С. single D. seldom

10. It won't take us ... .An hour or two, perhaps.

A. long B. much С. large D. big

Test 21

Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment:

1. The food was terrible. I couldn't eat a bit!

A. awful B. awfully C. almost D. Author

2. Sean is a poor excuse for a lawyer. He is never in control of serious matters.

A. ahead of lime in B. up ahead in C. ahead of the game in D. ahead of schedule in

3. If you study hard the rate of your academic progress is going to get more and more quick.

A. accord B. accomplish С. accept D. accelerate

4. Jess has a great talent for languages.

A. facility B. faculties С. factor D. factory

5. - I go for an interview tomorrow for a job on the New Jersey Times. - Fine. You had better make a list of important things for you to say,

A. It is necessary for you to make B. It is possible for you to make

C. It is important for you to make D. It is advisable for you to make

6. In a place like Hollywood, anything can happen.

A. is certain B. is pointless C. is possible D. is advisable

7. Do the results achieved agree with the general aim of the project?

A. accordingly B. accord C. according D. according to

8. What terrible weather! Must you really drive today?

A. Is it actually necessary for you to travel B. Is it actually necessary for you to move

С. Is it actually advisable for you to travel D. Is it actually possible for you to


9. You might spend much money to get a facility which is good enough to suit

your idea of high standards.

A. from scratch B. up to scratch C. scratchy D. to scratch

Test 22

Choose the right completion to the sentence:

1. Regular study is going to ... the rate of academic progress.

A. accomplish B. accord С. accelerate D. accept

2. I'm sorry, he is out right now. Can I take a...?

A. mess B. massage C. message D messenger

3. When you go for an interview it is advisable to look good and ... .

A. definite B. different C. difficult D. decent

4. Aren't you ... with yourself for getting it right?

A. please B. to please С. pleased D. be pleased

5. White is definitely the ... color this season.

A. in B. on С. at D. to

6. ... things are no more than they appear.

A. At length B. At least С. Of late D. Lastly

7. No, I am not going to take this job. That is the ... thing on my mind.

A. first B. one С. only D. last

8. Are you able to make a long-term ... ?

A. commitment B. commission С. committee D. commentary

9. If you have little time and can't read in detail just......the book.

A. play with B. come through С. page through D. finish with

10. You are hardly able to ... anything because it is certainly in information.

A. dig up B. make up С. take up D. open up

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