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Test 16

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. The situation is worth ... the most of it.

A. make B. to make C. making D. makes

2. No, I am not going to consult any lawyers,....

A. too B. as well С. also D. either

3. You ... ask permission before you leave, or else your boss might get angry.

A. had B. have better С had better D. has better to

4. It's good for ... to be aware of the real events.

A. me B. my С. mine D. I

5.... your classmate got all the stuff for the paper?

A. had B. have С. has D. is

6. Students... take books away from the reading hall without special permission.

A. shouldn't B. are no able С. had better D. can't

7. It's ... to be ahead of schedule than behind it.

A. good B. bad С. had better D. better

8.1 don't see how it... be possibly pleasurable for you to do math.

A. must B. might С. could D. mightn't

9. - At the moment, I have got no results whatever. -... you?

A. Have B. Has С. Haven't D. Hasn't

10. - This is a fantastic idea! - Yeah, it is just....

A. funny B. awful C. pleasurable D. earth-shattering

Test 17

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. You ... on your potential problems.

A. center B. the center С. centers D. centering

2. When exactly ... you make a typical mistake?

A. are B. is C. do D. does

3. ... we figure out a way to use this info for ourselves?

A. Do B. Have С. Can D. Are

4. ... Ryan aware of what happened?

A. Does" B. Do С. Could D. Is

5. The news ... not please me.

A. is B. Joes С. are D. do

6. Why ... complex words often make the meaning dim?

A. don’t B. aren't С. are D. do

7. I put up with the boy because his father is a good friend of... .

A. me B. mine С. my D. his

8. We ... normally use hard words in conversations.

A. not B. aren't С. can’t D. don't

9. What time ... Ron finish his work?

A. does B. is С. do D. has

10. How long ... it take you to write a course paper?

A. are B. has С. do D. does

Test 18

Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment or the right name for the idea described:

1. There is a strong possibility of the result being the same.

A. every project B. every problem С. every prospect D. every point

2. In this profession, you are able to get to the point where you make lots of money.

A. read B. reach С. react D. reason

3. Our friend is about to start to work on a second book.

A. get B. bet С. test D. set

4. Well, what is the funny part of it?

A. line B. time С. side D. mine

5. The reason you give to explain something wrong you do is called

A. an exercise B. an example С. an effect D. an excuse

6. We should accept that this is not an ideal world.

A. agree B. aware С. accelerate D. afraid

7. What are the reasons behind your choice?

A. potential B. progress C. chance D. decision

8. The events are about to start going faster.

A. getting ahead B. accelerating С. getting longer D. turning fortunate

9. They have technical problems - at any rate, they say so.

A. at last B. at most С. at least D. of late

10. The word "effect"* is associated with.....

A. making sense B. making change C. making the most D. making decisions

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