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Test 13

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. I ... you are going to win this time.

A. get B. bet С. sure D. wonder

2. Our boss is ... and mean after his vac.

A. learn B. lazy С. least D. lean

3. The thing is that you are to solve your... problems.

A. our B. one С. own D. only

4. The idea is not ... right but it is close enough.

A. exactly B. always С. that D. so much

5. What's your... for being late this time?

A. exact B. excuse C. explain D. example

6. Nothing worth ... is ever easy.

A. of having B. to have С. have D. having

7. We are not able to get this information. No ... .

A. why B. want С. way D. watch

8. Gaming is the ... thing to do now.

A. on B. in С. off D. at

9. I'm always busy, so I'm well aware how to ... time.

A. lose B. take С form D. save

10. Rosy's desk is full of odds and ....

A. bets B. ends С. gets D. tests

Test 14

Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment:

1. I'm afraid I can't see you tomorrow. I'm going to be very busy all


A. tired of B. first for С. tied up D. free for

2.I am to do all exactly right. My boss is very critical.

A. pretty B. picky C. plain D. exact

3. I guess you are terribly error.

A. tired B. mistaken С. late D. misinformed

4. - It's going to make things much easier. - I bet it is.

A. I'm sure B. sure С. best D. bit

5. Some small towns in these parts are real nice and they are to be visited.

A. what visiting B. while visiting С. worth visiting D. which visiting

6. Enough of this kind of work. Now we are to do something else.

A. such much for B. that much of С. much of D. so much for

7. It's best to do things in season.

A. on time B. in good time С. at the time D. at the busiest time

8. Math is not quite in my profession.

A. line B. kind С. type D. style

9. I'm very much fond of this kind of book.

A. explain B. find С. enjoy D. quit

10. In fact, your result is rather flat, but that's not the point. What is more, you aren't going to try to make it better.

A. main reason B. main thing С. main task D. main excuse

Test 15

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. Sorry, we are not able to drive now. ... tire.

A. small B. fat С. flat D. thin

2. I wonder if the matter is ... the money you spend on it.

A. what B. worth C. word D. watch

3. Have you ... any info which is really relevant?

A. get B. to get C. getting D. got

4. It is necessary for... to keep our concentration where it belongs.

A. we B. us С. - D. ours

5. It is ... to make the right choices in the test.

A. good B. well C. for good D. at best

6. It isn't possible that thev are about to complete the project. So, they ... be in the home stretch.

A. mightn't B. may not C. mustn't D. can’t

7. We might ... to start now.

A. be able B. to be able C. able D. are able

8. Some men who 1 take seriously told me you were a serious guy. You ... be ready for a commitment.

A. could B. can С. should D. may

9. - It's possible that they are not going to terminate the contract. - Oh! You think they ... renew it?

A. not able B. can't C. might not D. had better not

10. Is it really necessary for everyone to reach ... potential?

A. their B. his С. her D. my

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