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Examination Card №1

I . Reading

Ключі до завдань 1—4.

1. D; 2. A; 3. B; 4. C.

I I . Writing

Ключі до завдань 1—6.

1. B; 2. A; 3. B; 4. B; 5. C; 6. D.

Приклад відповіді на письмове завдання.

1) Dear Tom,

I’m arriving at the airport of Gatwick the day

after tomorrow. 2) The arrival time is 11 o’clock

in the morning. 3) Will you be able to meet me?

4) As I have a heavy suitcase it will be difficult

for me to go by public transport. 5) As for my

plans, I want to visit as many interesting places

in London as possible. 6) Surely, I want to visit

the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the British Museum,

the Tower, London Zoo and some park.

7) I also want to roam around the streets in

Soho and walk along Trafalgar Square.

8) Best regards,


I I I . Speaking

Приклад відповіді на усне завдання.

1) Protection of the environment is paid

much attention to all over the world as well as

in our country. 2) Global warming, the ozone

layer problems, air and water pollution, industrial

waste are in the centre of our attention.

3) We live on the planet covered by waters of

the World Ocean and our weather is determined

by this World Ocean interacting with

air masses. 4) This water-air interaction is in

dynamic balance, as water evaporates from the

surface of our planet, becomes air in the form of

water vapour, rises, condenses, falls as rain on

the Earth’s surface, runs off and returns to the

World Ocean. 5) This balance can be disturbedby

the process of global warming. 6) One of the

causes of global warming is burning fossil fuels

for energy. 7) It has released greenhouse gases

into the Earth’s atmosphere. 8) As the average

temperature becomes higher it may cause a

melting of polar ice which in its turn will cause

the rising of the sea level and will have a serious

impact on the sea ecosystem. 9) Weather

patterns will change with a change of climate:

there will be hurricanes, earthquakes and other

disasters. 10) This is a very serious problem,

that’s why many scientists try to find a way

out and help the planet. 11) But it is important

for every person to understand the necessity to

protect our environment from global warming.

12) We must do our best to reduce the «greenhouse

effect». 13) First of all, scientists think we

should plant large quantities of trees in tropical

countries and all over the world as well. 14) The

trees will help to reduce the amount of carbon

dioxide in the atmosphere. 15) We can also use

means of transport that do not pollute air and

water. 16) And energy-conserving sources must

be found to be used in everyday life.

Examination Card №2

I . Reading

1. B; 2. A; 3. B; 4. B.

I I . Writing

1. no; 2. some; 3. some; 4. any; 5. some; 6. some; 7. many; 8. much.

Приклад відповіді на письмове завдання.

1) Dear Kate,

the summer holidays are approaching.

2) Do you have any plans for the summer?

3) I have an idea. 4) Would you like to go on

holiday with me? 5) I would like to invite you

to visit Lviv for a few days. 6) It is a gorgeous

old city with multiple landmarks and a vast

range of tiny cafes where you can have a sip

of the most delicious coffee.

7) My brother and I are going there in

July. 8) Would you join us?

9) Write back to me ASAP.

10) Yours,


I I І . Speaking

Приклад відповіді на усне завдання.

1) Art is an all-embracing notion (music,

painting, theatre, literature and so on). 2) Art

plays an important role in the development

of our society. 3) In my opinion, art has many

functions and it’s hard to overestimate its role

in one’s life. 4) Art has great influence on our

souls, feelings, forms our moral values. 5) Art

influences greatly the development of the

consciousness of a person and mankind. 6) Art

makes us think about the sense of life, how

people must live, what the ideal of beauty is,

what love is — the eternal questions. 7) Art has

a great educational significance. 8) Art gives

people a possibility to express themselves and

to become famous. 9) I think art effects the

formation of a personality, his or her outlook.

10) Painting is maybe the most understandable

way of art, because it gives us the most full and

vivid impressions. 11) There are a lot of famous

and talented artists whose paintings are wellknown

all over the world. 12) My favourite

artist is Thomas Gainsborough. 13) He is a

famous British portrait and landscape painter.

14) The poetic sensibility of his paintings

caused John Constable, an English Romantic

painter, to say, «On looking at them, we find

tears in our eyes and know not what brings

them». 15) Though Thomas Gainsborough lived

in the eighteenth century, his masterpieces

fascinate me. 16) His most famous works, such

as «Portrait of Mrs Graham», «Lady in Blue»,

«The Morning Walk» and others, display the

unique individuality of his subject. 17) I can

spend hours looking at his paintings, paying

attention to the skilful work with which every

part of it is connected. 18) This artist is fairly

considered to be one of the geniuses of British

art. 19) My dearest dream is to visit London

galleries and see the paintings by my favourite

artist with my own eyes.

Examination Card №3

I . Reading

Ключі до завдань 1—4.

1. D; 2. B; 3. A; 4. B.

I I . Writing

Ключі до завдань 1—6.

1. Can; 2. Shall; 3. shall; 4. will; 5. What about; 6. Would you like me.

Приклад відповіді на письмове завдання.

1) Hello!

2) My name is Dmytro and I’m sixteen.

3) I live in Ukraine and I’m Ukrainian. 4) I’m

writing as I want to have a pen friend to communicate

and to practise my English with.

5) I want to know more about you and your

life. 6) I like sports: skiing and snowboarding.

7) In summer I like swimming and hiking.

8) Tell me about yourself. 9) I hope we’ll be

good friends.

10) Hope to hear from you soon.


I I І . Speaking

Приклад відповіді на усне завдання.

1) I am finishing school now and I must

choose my future job. 2) There are many

interesting professions but as for me the

best one is to be a journalist. 3) It requires

plenty of contacts with people and I like it a

lot because I am а very sociable person and

I can find a common language with anyone.

4) Journalists make reports and write articles

and I think it’s great. 5) Another advantage

of this job is that journalists often meet and

interview interesting and famous people,

visit new places and have a meaningful life

that is rich in impressions. 6) They always

know new information and share it with

people. 7) My father said that it was a dirty

job because of the great amount of false and

useless information nowadays in our press

and on television. 8) I don’t agree because

every job has bad professionals as well as

good ones. 9) To be a good journalist, I should

be a well-educated and broad-minded person.

10) So I should read a lot of books and be sure

that I’m good at writing. 11) I must enter

university and study hard there. 12) As for

my plans, I’m going to prepare seriously for

entrance exams and study hard at university.

13) And I’m going to try and find a job at

some local newspaper. 14) I hope I’ll have a

success in the field of journalism.

Examination Card №4

1. B; 2. C; 3. A, D; 4. A, D; 5. B; 6. D.

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