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3. Finish these sentences:

  1. The UK is made up of ...

  2. The British Isles consist of Great Britain, ...

  3. The Atlantic Ocean & the warm waters of the Gulf Stream ...

  4. Coal, iron and steel ...

  5. Other educational centres in the UK are ...

  6. London is obviously attractive as much for …

  7. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in Southwark is ...

  8. Madame Tussauds Waxworks is ...

  9. History is everywhere here too, though ...

  10. Must-sees in York include …

  11. Edinburgh is another ...

  12. There are many languages ...

4. Read the dialogue and translate it. The climate in England

Jane has come to visit Natasha who is recovering after the flu. Natasha is much better now.

Jane: Hello, Natasha. You’re better now, I can see it myself.

NATASHA: Oh, yes. I’m fine.

JANE: Well, and now you know that our climate is not as good as you imagined. It’s true that our winter is warmer than yours, but our summer is cooler too.

NATASHA: But fortunately there are fewer rainy days here than I expected. Last summer in Moscow I had to use my umbrella more often than here now.

JANE: You’re just lucky. We are having less rain this summer than usual. And the temperature is a bit higher too. But still remember what I’ve said about the weather.

NATASHA: I will. Especially when we go for a weekend to Bognor Regis. I think the winds are likely to be stronger there because it’s on the coast.

JANE: They may be stronger but they are warmer. The air is much cleaner there, as in every resort.

NATASHA: That’s good. The air in London is not very clean, is it?

JANE: No, it’s not. Though it’s not so dirty as it used to be. Clean air is so important for people’s health!

NATASHA: It certainly is.

5. Roleplay the dialogue.

6. Speak on:

  1. Geographical situation, mountains, climate.

  2. Industry.

  3. London. Languages and educational centres.

  4. Britain’s tourist attractions.

7. Use each of the following word combinations in sentences of your own:

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

the UK

is made up of

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


consist of

The North Sea

the Strait of Dover

the English Channel

the continent

is washed by

the Thames


The Atlantic Ocean

the Gulf Stream

cool and rainy


the capital city

commercial centre

educational centre

Oxford and Cambridge


the official language



8. Retell the text.


Plural Form of Nouns

Singular (one)

Plural (two or more)

a flower

some flowers

a week

six weeks

a baby

two babies

a nice place

many nice places

Spelling of plural endings:

-es after -s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x,

bus – buses, dish – dishes, church – churches, box – boxes,

also: potato – potatoes, tomato – tomatoes

-y →-ies:

lady – ladies, baby – babies, party-parties, dictionary - dictionaries

but -ay ays / -ey eys /-oyoys/ -uyuys

day-days, monkey-monkeys, boy-boys, guy-guys

-f/-fe →-ves:

leaf – leaves; wolf – wolves; wife – wives

Exceptions: chief – chiefs, handkerchief – handkerchiefs, roof – roofs, safe – safes, kerchief - kerchiefs

The endings are pronounced:

  1. [z]– desks,maps

  2. [s]– shoes,hands,potatoes

  3. [iz] – classes,boxes,dishes

  • These things are plural in English








You can also say a pair of…with these words:

a pair of scissors

a pair of jeans

- I need a new pair of jeans

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