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8. Give the English equivalents to the following:

на окраине, в пригороде; катание на коньках; в общежитии; родной город; студент первого (второго) курса; катание на лыжах; Саратовский государственный технический университет; отделение, факультет; единственный ребенок; бюджетное отделение; поступить, быть принятым (в учебное заведение); дневное отделение; в первую (вторую) смену; платное отделение; заниматься спортом; ни... ни... ; свободное время; полное имя, заниматься спортом.

9. Read the classroom vocabulary. Try to guess and/or look up the meaning of these phrases. Memorize them.


  1. Class/Double class/Period

  2. Break

  3. Room

  4. What is the English for … (расписание, звонок и т.п.)?

  5. Could you give me the English for… ?

  6. What's this in English?

  7. I don’t know how to put it in English.

  8. To introduce the vocabulary

  9. Are the statements right or wrong (true or false)?

  10. Ask questions.

  11. May I go out?

  12. Can I help?

  13. May I open the window?

  14. Can I say it in Russian/English?

  15. Check your answers.

  16. Collect information about...

  17. Compare your words with your partner.

  18. Complete the sentences with words from the text.

  19. Complete the text.

  20. Correct the mistakes.

  21. Correct the wrong sentences.

  22. Divide the text into 2/3/4/5 parts.

  23. Do you agree with ...

  24. Explain...

  25. Fill in the right words.

  26. Split into pairs

  27. Pair up

  28. Find arguments.

  29. Make questions to the answers.

  30. Finish the story.

  31. Give reasons for your opinions.

  32. Guess...

  33. How might the story go on?

  34. Imagine...

  35. Look at the pictures.

  36. Make notes.

  37. Make sentences.

  38. Make up more conversations with a partner.

  39. Match the sentence parts.

  40. Match the sentences to the questions.

  41. Onpage 10

  42. Open your textbook at page … (… 25, 83, etc). (workbook, folder, diary)

  43. Put in the right verbs.

  44. Put the sentences in the right order.

  45. Put the verbs in the right groups.

  46. Read out loud.

  47. Remember...

  48. Sorry, I haven't got (done) my homework.

  49. Sorry?

  50. Suppose...

  51. Swap your paper with your partner.

  52. Talk to your partner.

  53. Use ...

  54. What is the story about?

  55. Write a story.

  56. Write about Masha/Yuri/Peter/...

  57. Write the sentences in the right order.

  58. to say / to speak to / to tell smb. / to talk to smb. / to talk about – говорить

  59. the 1st of September / September the 1st / on the 1st of September

  60. to do exercises / to make mistakes - делать упражнения / ошибки

10. Make up a dialogue with a partner and use as many classroom expressions as possible.


Verb to be

I am a receptionist.

He is a receptionist.

They are receptionists.



I am (I’m)

I am not (I’m not)

he, she, it is (he’s, she’s, it’s)

he, she, it is not (he’s not or he isn’t)

we are (we’re)

we are not ( we’re not or we aren’t)

you are (you’re)

you are not (you’re not or you aren’t)

they are (they’re)

they are not (they’re not or they aren’t)

-Can you close the window, please? I’ m cold.

-I'm 32 years old. My sister is 29.

-My brother is a policeman. He's very tall.

-John is afraid of dogs.

-It's 10 o'clock. You're late again.

-Ann and I are very good friends.

-My shoes are very dirty. I must clean them.

-I'm tired but I'm not hungry.

-Tom isn't interested in politics.

-Jane isn't at home at the moment. She's at work.

-Those people aren't English. They're Australian

that’s=that is there’s=there is here’s=here is

-Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

-Look! There’s George

1A. Write the short form (she's / we aren't etc.).

  1. he is ……. 3 she is not ……. 5. I am not …….

  2. they are ……. 4 it is ……. 6. you are not …….

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