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1. Answer the following questions. Make conjectures.

  1. Which of the named faculties are common for Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University only? Which ones can you find in other universities, institutes and academies of Poltava?

  2. What faculty is, to your mind, the most popular? Which one is the most difficult to study at?

  3. What faculty did you decide to study at? Why? Who advised you to choose it?

2. Fill in English equivalents of the following words and word combinations:

  1. технологія

  1. економіка

  1. цивільне будівництво

  1. системи

  1. нафта та газ

  1. факультет

  1. фінанси

  1. телекомунікаційні технології


3. Now you have a chance to get to know some information about our university. Study the following information about Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University. Our university

Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University (PNTU) is an outstanding institution1 of higher education that trains specialists for various fields of technical engineering. It has the fourth level of accreditation. At present the student bodyamounts2 to 10 000 people, among them full-time, part-timeundergraduates and postgraduates. They gain fundamental and humanitarian knowledge with the help of the respectable3teaching staff.

The University is made up of4 eight faculties: the Faculty of Finance and Economics, the Faculty of Management and Business, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Management, the Faculty of Electric and Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Systems, the Faculty of Architecture and the newest Faculty of Humanities.

The University has glorious5 history and ancient traditions of training specialists. PNTU is the oldest educational institution of higher learning in our town. Established6 on August 18, 1930 as the Institute of Agricultural Engineers, in 1961 it was transformed into Civil Engineering Institute where specialists for 6 engineering specialties, including agriculture, were trained. In the early 90s the university’s scientific council made a decision to reform the single-discipline7 educational establishment into the multi-discipline technical university. On June 21, 1997 the University proudly gotthe name of the outstanding theorist8 in cosmonautics, Yuri Kondratyuk (Alexander Sharhey). The educational process at the University is carried out at the level of modern educational requirements. There are four specialized Academic Boards9 for defense of Ph.D. and doctoral theses.Situated in the picturesque10 district of Poltava, the University has nine academic buildings. Students are provided with a comfortable campus, a canteen, sportsgyms, libraries and internet clubs. The complete11 university course lasts12 6 years. Students study higher mathematics, physics, descriptive geometry, Ukrainian and foreign languages, computer science and many other subjects. On March 27, 2002 the University was granted13 the status of “National”. In 2010 PNTU celebrated the 80thanniversary14 of its educational traditions.

1 – інститут, навчальний заклад

2– складає, сягає

3 – поважний, шановний

4 – складається з

5 –славетний

6 – заснований

7 – монопрофільний


9 – вчена рада

10 – мальовничий

11 – повний (курс навчання)

12– триває

13– нагороджувати



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