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VIII. Read the cv. Act out the job hunting interview with this candidate discussing her strong and weak points. Then make your own cv.


Double Majors:


Study Abroad:

Related Experience:

Other Experience:

Susan Quigley

432-543-6543 Cell: 333-123-1234


35 White Street

New York, NY 10001

Bachelor of Arts, ABC University, New York, NY, May 2011

English and Latin American Studies


Bogota, Colombia - January 2010

Library Assistant, Cervantes Library, ABC University

Sept. 2007 - present

Perform general administrative duties to support professional staff

Founder and leader, Harry Potter Book Club, New York, NY Jan. 2007 - present

Intern, Calles y Sueños Cultural Space, Bogotá

Spring 2009

Assisted in teaching complimentary English lessons to

community members

English Tutor, Queens, NY

Jan. 2008 - May 2008

Assisted student in writing and proofreading essays, focusing on emphasis through rhetorical devices

Volunteer at Community Library, Queens, NY

Jan. 2008 - May 2008

Catalogued thousands of donated books, CDs, and DVDs

Started weekly book group for elementary students to learn basic Spanish words through listening to children's books read aloud and translated

Summer Counselor, NY Arts Camp

Summer 2004 - Summer 2007

Coordinated cultural outings for children aged 10-13 i.e. trips to the theater, musical concerts, and museums including backstage conversations with artists when possible

Helped students to plan, advertise, and hold their own artistic performances and exhibitions

Swim Team Assistant Coach, Brooklyn, NY Summer 2006

Taught 6-8 year olds to swim the four major strokes

Trombonist in All-state wind ensemble, section leader in jazz band

Arts & Culture Editor, PS 101 High School Paper High School

IX. Pre-reading task:

Think and answer

1) Have you ever done any seasonal work? If so, can you about this experience?

2) What kinds of business may want seasonal employees/workers?

3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of seasonal hiring for employers and employees?

Read the following text to check your ideas. Compile your application letter for at Jobofer.org . Include:

1. an introduction: introduce yourself and say where you saw the job advert.

2. a summary of your qualifications.

3. a summary of your working experience.

Use the following phrases to help you:

I am writing in reply to your advertisement in [name of newspaper/website] for

[job title].

I am currently working on ...

My main qualifications are ...

I started working in ...

I believe I have the right experience and qualifications for this job, specifically my ...

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

General Labor and Seasonal Hiring

Many companies may seek extra help and have general labor job opportunities. This need may depend less on the time of the year than typical season jobs, yet it is still a great idea to use seasonal workers for moving, packing, warehouse work, construction work, and many more. It is economically advantageous, and this adds to the positive atmosphere in your firm. It does not matter what kind of general labor you want your seasonal workers to do. Jobofer.org has tons of experience in assisting American businesses with their seasonal staffing processes, and that includes a variety of general labor positions.

The Work And Travel USA program invites international students to work in the States under a J1 visa. So, open-minded, hard-working and committed young people with a good command of English come to the US for up to 4 months from May to October and willingly fill all the positions smart US-based employers offer them.

We at Jobofer.org are ready help your company benefit from seasonal hiring, at no cost at all. We will identify your needs, submit applications for reviewing, and follow with the paper procedure. Reading further you fill find out about positions usually filled with international seasonal workers, from what our experience says.

Dozens and dozens of successful US businesses use seasonal staffing solutions from Jobofer.org every year, and that includes companies in need for any kind of general labor. Below is the list of positions:

  • Movers

  • Helpers

  • Packers

  • Construction Workers

  • Warehousemen

  • Handymans

  • Installation Crew

  • Roofers Helper

  • Painters

  • Iron workers

  • General Laborers

  • Window Cleaners

  • Maintenance

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