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IV. Listen to Sami describing his career path to become a Network Designer. Write what Sami was doing at different ages.

16 _ 20 _

17 _ 23 _

18 _ 25 _

Listen again. Answer the questions.

1. What subjects did Sami study at school?

2. What does a Service Technician do?

3. What did he like about his job?

4. What were his responsibilities at the exchange?

5. What qualifications did he have by the time he had been 20?

6. What did he learn when he joined the Network design department?

7. What did he study at university?

V. Write about your career path and hopes for the future Use prompts.

1 I left school when … 4. By the age of …, I’ll start ….

2. Following that, I… 5. By the age of , I hope to …

3. When I was … years old, I … 6. Eventually, I would like to …

VI. The Passive Voice

*We use the Passive to talk about the process and about how things are made: = subject + to be ( in correct tense) + past participle(3rd form of the verb)

Study these examples:

Visits are organized by prior arrangement.

The earliest standards were established in order to facilitate commerce.

The spread of metricationhas been met with both support and opposition in the last two centuries.

Those noncompliant with standards will be prosecuted by law.

* Modal verbs are followed by be and past participle:

All measurements have to be checked.

The result of a measurement can be compared to the previous one.

a) Transform these sentences from active into passive. Begin with the word in bold.

1. We enclose our brochures with letters.

2. A magnetometer measures magnetic fields and an instrument called a gas chromatograph can analyze gas.

3. Technicians installed and calibrated specialist equipment at a refinery.

4. They applied different modern measurement techniques to this experiment.

5. Engineers produced designs on paper, now they do it on computer.

6. They have taken photographs from planes and satellites.

b) Convert these signs into a written warning using the Passive.

Example: Check fire alarms weekly. – Fire alarms must be checked weekly.

1. Do not use mobile phones!

2. Wear eye protection.

3. Do not remove this extinguisher!

4. Switch off this machine before servicing.

5. Clean up your working place before you leave.

6. Do not unload vehicles here!

c) Read the text. Put the verbs in the correct Passive form.

I’m a technician for Specialist Plastics Limited. My company makes special polymers – plastics – and I work in the test department.

We test all of our material for strength. They (1. bend) _____ in the bend test. They (2. pull) _____ in the tensile test. They are (3. hit) _____ with a hammer in the impact test. We need to see how easily they break. Plastics (4. test) _____ at different temperatures and also with different chemicals. We need to understand how chemicals might change our materials. For example, when some of our plastics (5. put) _____ in sea water, they become weak. We also have to burn them because toxic chemicals (6. make) _____ when they burn. We need to know that.

Plastics (7. supply) _____for larger plastics manufactures. They (8. use) _____ in so many ways as products for other industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and building and domestic appliance companies. And most of them (9. make) _____ from petroleum. It’s amazing.

This morning I tested special resins used with carbon fibre to make aircraft wings. This kind of product has to (10. test) _____ very carefully because the quality must be very high.

VII. Pre-reading tasks:

Think and answer

1. What does electrical engineering deal with?

2. Is it a popular branch of occupation in Russia?

3. What kinds of activities do engineers with the major in EEng. perform?

Guess the meaning of the words relying on synonyms.

to comprise = to include diversity = variety

to control = to run cutting-edge = advanced

to transmit = to deliver = to pass CV/resume = the info for a job

to recruit = to employ fiber-optics = the material for cables made of fiber optic

Read the text and do the following tasks.

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