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English. Course1

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a student, living in a dormitory

a person, having a birthday party the next day

a person, living for a two-day .journey by train

Task 8. Look through the list of proverbs and translate them. Try to think of their Russian equivalents, if there are any. Match the proverbs to the explanations given below.


Hunger is the best Sauce.

a) When you are hungry, everything seems to



Too many cooks spoil the broth.





An apple a day keeps the doctor

b) You’ll never value good things, if you don’t know




what bad things are like.



After dinner sleep a while, after

c) It’s better to have a small amount of something


supper walk a mile.


than nothing at all.



It’s no use crying over spilt milk.

d) It’s a waste of time to regret about things that can’t


Half a loaf is better than no


be changed.




e) People always want to do what is forbidden.



Forbidden fruit is sweet.


When the duty is shared, it’s no one’s duty.



Tastes differ.

g) Good vegetable food prevents all illnesses.



Honey is sweet but the bee

h) It’s no good eating a lot in the evening.





You’ll never find two people with identical tastes.


Who has never tasted bitter,


All good things are hard to get.



knows not what sweet is.

k) It’s impossible to combine things that cannot



You can’t eat a cake and have it.









Task 9. Look through the list of idiomatic phrases, translate them and try to give explanation in English.

Model: a storm in a cup of tea - a trifle made too much fuss about

an apple of discord, to have a lot on one's plate, to know which side one's bread is buttered on, to sugar the pill, as easy as a pie, to eat like a bird, to eat like a horse, to have a sweet tooth.

Task 10. Table Manners.

a)Look through the list of table Dos and Don'ts. Is it important to follow table etiquette while having a meal? Do we observe these rules only on formal occasions? What would you call «bad table manners»?

Table Don’ts

Table Dos

1) Elbows are never put on the table

a) Put your napkin on your lap. Do not wear it

while one is eating.

around your neck.

2) Don't lift your plate up to your

b) Bread should always be broken into moderate-


sized pieces with the fingers before being eaten.

3) Don't let others see what you

c) All ordinary sandwiches not only on picnics but

have in your mouth.

everywhere are eaten from fingers.

4) Don't make a noise when eating.

d) When eating, hold a fork in the left hand and a

5) Put the food in your mouth with

knife in the right hand.

your fork, never with your knife.

e) On informal occasions fruits and cakes are eaten


from fingers.



b) Work in groups of three and write down three examples of table manners: two true


and one false.

Example: You should eat soup with a.fork and a knife.

In a restaurant you can attract waiter's attention by catching his or her eye. After a meal say good-buy and shake hands with the other people.

c) Present your three examples of table manners to the rest of the class. Try to add as much information as possible. The rest of the class must guess which is the false one.

Task 11. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1.Eating carrots is good for the eyes.

2.Fish is good for the brain.

3.Eating cheese at night makes you dream.

4.Garlic stops you getting colds.

5.Drinking coffee stops you sleeping.

6.Yoghurt makes you healthy.

7.An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

8.A hot milky drink helps you to go to sleep.

9.A cup of tea revives you.

10.Crusty bread makes your hair curl.

11.Brown eggs taste better than white ones.

Task 12. Put the sentences in the correct order to make the recipe of an apple pie.

1)Put the dough into the pie pan.

2)Cover the top of the pie with dough and cook for 20-25 minutes.

3)Mix the butter, flour and sugar together with your fingers; add a little water to make dough.

4)Cut the dough in half; roll out one into a circle with a rolling pin.

5)Cut up the apples and put them into the dough-covered pie-pan; trim of extra dough from the edge of the pie-pan.

Task 13. Make a list of products (at least 10) sold in the following shops:



c)diary shop




g)off-license shop


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