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English. Course1

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5)works a lot

6)cannot be trusted

7)takes care about other people

8)doesn't like to do any kind of work

9)believes everything he is told

10)behaves aggressively towards others

11)tells the opposite to what he really thinks

12)always hopes for the best

13)believes that everything will turn for the worst

14)you can rely on

15)decides things for himself

16)is never late

17)is ready to do anything to make a career

You may choose between the following words:

sincere, power-hungry, punctual, independent, persistent, careful, sociable, unreliable, naive, optimistic, dishonest, aggressive, lazy, reliable, independent, unsociable, pessimistic.

Ex.6 The following adjectives describe personality characteristics: lazy, intelligent, practical, reliable, patient, lively, unstable, generous, boring, optimistic. Choose the most appropriate one to fill in the sentences.

1.Mary is a very … person. You can always count on her to do what you ask her to.

2.He tends to be … His mood is likely to change at any time.

3.He is a very … person; he puts in very little effort at work.

4.Mike can often be …; he has a tendency to repeat the same old stories.

5.She has a very … outlook on life; she never expects anything to go wrong.

6.The teacher is very … with her students; she always explains things several times.

7.The little boy is so … that he can do his big brother’s homework.

8.My uncle is very …; he always gives money to charity.

9.My son is very …; he is full of energy and high spirits.

10.My husband is very … He repairs everything around the house.

Communicative Activity

Ex.1 Personality quiz.

What sort of person are you?

1.Are you usually smiling and happy?

2.Do you enjoy the company of other people?

3.Do you find it difficult to meet new people?

4.Is it important to you to succeed in your career?

5.Does your mood change often and suddenly for no reason?

6.Do you notice other people's feelings?

7.Do you think the future will be good?

8.Can your friends depend on you?

9.Is your room often in a mess?

10.Do you get annoyed if you have to wait for anyone or anything?

11.Do you put off until tomorrow what you could do today?

12.Do you work hard?


13.Do you keep your feelings and ideas to yourself?

14.Do you often give presents?

15.Do you talk a lot?

16.Are you usually calm and not worried by things?

Work in pairs.

a)Do the personality quiz above to discover what type of person you are. Use a dictionary to check any new words. Write Y for Yes, N for No, and S for Sometimes.

b)Ask your partner to do the quiz about you. Look at your ideas and your partner's ideas about you. Are they the same?

c)Match these adjectives with the questions in the quiz.











k) moody










n) reliable



o) cheerful



p) sensitive

d) Describe someone in the class to your partner but don’t say who it is. Can your partner guess who it is?

Ex.2. Explain the meaning of the following:

a friend in need, a fair-weather friend, a heart of gold, a chameleon, a man of character, a man of no character, a chatterbox.

Ex.3 Rate personal characteristics in order of their importance for a given role or job. Practice the following base structures: A mother-in-law should (be)…, or It is (more) important for a mother-in-law to (be)…

Teacher: intelligent, pleasant to look at, consistent, moral in private life, fair, honest, authoritative, flexible, has a sense of humour, loves children, makes lessons interesting, knows subject, teaches subject well, speaks clearly.

Wife or husband: tolerant, considerate, faithful, affectionate to husband/wife, affectionate to children, hardworking, tidy, home-loving, good-looking, rich, thrifty, quiet, well-educated. Ruler: just, knowledgeable, rich, honest, married, authoritative, charismatic, friendly, hardworking, clever, confident, tolerant, tall, has well-ordered private life.

Baby (one year to eighteen months old): beautiful, toilet-trained, affectionate, obedient, quiet, healthy, cheerful, sociable with strangers, intelligent for its age, sleeps through the night, eats well, can play alone for long periods.

Mother-in-law: willing to baby-sit, attractive, generous, young (relatively), well-dressed, rich, good at organizing home, has many interests, does not interfere, has other married children, lives nearby.

Soldier: disciplined, strong, brave, well-trained, patriotic, intelligent, resourceful, healthy, educated, even-tempered, tidy, cheerful, friendly, shoots accurately, thinks for himself.

Ex.4 Read the description of some people's character and behaviour. Use them as models to describe other people.

1. This man is always complaining about everything around. It gets on my nerves. He is a real bore and hasn't got any sense of humour at all. If you spend more than five minutes with him


you just want to sleep.

2.Jane is a practical young woman. She is good at housekeeping. Jane is an excellent cook and is happy to do housework. Jane is a sociable person and makes friends easily. She is a very good companion.

3.Daniel is rather a colourless boy, both in appearance and in personality. He is of average height, neither handsome nor attractive. There is nothing about his behaviour, either negative or positive, that serves to differentiate him to a casual observer. He is shy and passive. He is an insignificant member of the school group.

4.Betty is a pretty girl, very graceful and quick. Her home environment is a permissive one. She is free to go out with boys, to go to movies, to dances, etc. She is never punished, and she isn't afraid of her parents like some of the girls are. Betty is mature for her age physically, emotionally and intellectually. She is self-confident and unusually secure in her social relations.

5.My neighbour is a man of 40, not good-looking and not yet ugly. He is nearly bald and the hair that remains is reddish. His eyes are small, blue or grey. He looks commonplace. He is just a good, dull, honest, plain man, a pretty bore. One can admire his quality but avoid his company.

Ex.5 Complete the following sentences:

1.My best friend has the most engaging traits of character: he is…

2.If you want to be popular with others you must be...

3.I think that what makes a student unpopular with others is...

4.In my opinion, the traits of character which people appreciate in their political leaders are...

5.To make a good friend one has to be...


Topical Vocabulary

1.to be situated/to be located – находиться, располагаться

2.to border on – граничить с border - граница

3.to consist of/ to be made up of – состоять из

4.to include/to comprise – включать, охватывать

5.to occupy/to cover – занимать (территорию)

6.to separate – разделять

7.to be washed by – омываться

8.to flow – течь

9.to vary – меняться, разнообразить various – разнообразный

variety – разнообразие, изобилие

10.to influence – влиять

11.to be rich in – быть богатым чем-либо

12.continent – континент

13.water bodies – водные ресурсы oceans – океаны

rivers – реки lakes – озера

14.total area – общая площадь

15.territory – территория


16.surface – поверхность

17.landscape/scenery – пейзаж, ландшафт plain – равнина

steppe – степь taiga – тайга tundra – тундра desert – пустыня

highland – высокогорье

18.climate/climatic conditions – климат, климатические условия arctic – арктический

moderate/mild – умеренный continental – континентальный

sharply-continental – резко континентальный sub-tropical – субтропический

tropical – тропический

19.population – население urban – городское rural – сельское

20.vegetation – растительность

21.flora and fauna – растительный и животный мир

22.animal species – виды животных

23.time zone – часовой пояс

24.mineral/natural resources полезные ископаемые– oil – нефть

natural gas – природный газ coal – уголь

ores – руды

ferrous/non-ferrous metals – черные/цветные металлы

25.national economy – национальная экономика

26.industrial branches – отрасли промышленности machinery/equipment – оборудование electronics – электроника

textiles – текстиль cars – автомобили

shipbuilding – кораблестроение aircraft-building – авиапромышленность

27.agriculture – сельское хозяйство

28.state – государство/штат

29.republic – республика

30.monarchy – монархия

constitutional monarchy – конституционная монархия

31.capital – столица

32.branches of power – ветви власти legislative – законодательная executive – исполнительная judicial – судебная

33.to belong to – принадлежать кому-либо

34.to head – возглавлять

35.to control – управлять, контролировать

36.to govern – править, управлять


37.political party – политическая партия

38.multiparty system – многопартийная система

39.national flag/banner – национальный флаг, знамя

40.foreign policy – внешняя политика государства

41.international cooperation – международное сотрудничество

42.powerful nation – великий народ, нация

43.nationality – национальность













an American

the Americans


Great Britain


a Briton

the British




an Englishman

the English




an Englishwoman





a Scot

the Scots




a Frenchman

the French




a Frenchwoman





a German

the Germans




an Italian

the Italians




a Spaniard

the Spanish




a Swiss

the Swiss




a Greek

the Greeks


Arab (countries)


an Arab

the Arabs




a Jew

the Jews

Tel Aviv



a Pole

the Poles




a Japanese

the Japanese




a Chinese

the Chinese


Vocabulary Exercises

Ex.1 Make up the adjective (прилагательное) from the noun (существительное):

history - historical

culture -

science -

industry -

agriculture -

administration -

politics -

trade –

Ex.2 Complete the sentences, as in the example.

Example: The Nile is ...a river…

1.The Atlantic is………….

2.The Alps are……….

3.Greece is………..

4.The Sahara is………….

5.The Amazon is…………..

6.The Mediterranean is……….

7.The Bahamas is…………..


Germany France Japan Israel Brazil Britain Switzerland Greece

8.Africa is…………

9.Crete and Corsica are…………..

10.Everest is the highest………….. in the world.

11.Michigan and Eyrie are two of the Great………….

12.The "Great Bear" is a group of…………

Ex.3 Complete these sentences with the name of the people from the country on the right.

Examples: I’ve worked a lot with…Germans…. I’ve spent a lot of time with …the French

We do a lot of business with…….. …are usually hard-working.

I have always found……… very friendly. People often say that…………are reserved.

………..are very organized.

I met a lot of…………on my trip to Athens.

Ex.4 Complete these sentences.

Bangkok is the capital of…………

Riyadh is the capital of…………..

Athens is the capital of……………

Buenos Aires is the capital of………….

Tel Aviv is the capital of…………..

Ankara is the capital of………..

Stockholm is the capital of…………

Seoul is the capital of…………….

Lisbon is the capital of…………..

Cairo is the capital of……………

Ex.5 Cross-one-out.

1)highland, plain, desert, state.

2)monarchy, republic, capital, federation.

3)continental, judicial, executive, legislative.

4)arctic, rural, mild, tropical.

5)oil, natural gas, coal, forest.

Ex.6 Put the words in the box under the following headings: climate

mineral and natural resources landscape

industrial branches branches of power






tropical steppe









natural gas














Ex.7 Match the words to the definitions.


1) capital

a) regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular region

2) vegetation

b) town or city that is the centre of government of a country

3) climate

c) cultivation of land and farming

4) agriculture

d) plants and trees

5) national flag

e) living in a city or town

6) urban

f) region where a common standard of time is used

7) time zone

g) a piece of cloth symbolizing a country

8) political party

h) a group of people with political aims that takes part in elections

Ex.8. Find synonyms for the following words and phrases.

to be situated –


landscape –

to be made up of –

natural resources –

to comprise –


national flag –

to cover –


area –

to head –


vegetation –

Ex.9 Find the word with the most general meaning.

1)landscape, highland, taiga, steppe.

2)oil, coal, natural resources, copper.

3)industry, textiles, electronics, machinery.

4)state, republic, federation, monarchy.

5)climatic, arctic, continental, tropical.

Ex.10 Insert the necessary preposition from the given below.

1. The city is divided ___ five administrative districts. a) into b) for c) by d) at

2. The impressive memorial in Victory square is dedicated ____ the soldiers of the Great

Patriotic War.




a) for

b) to

c) in

d) with

3. The names of many famous people are connected ____ Barnaul. a) to b) at c) on d) with

4. The problem of sewage treatment in Barnaul has been mostly solved ____ the unique filter complex.

a) for

b) on

c) due to

d) in


More than 300 ____ our citizens have obtained doctoral degrees.

a) among

b) of

c) from

d) out of


The Altai State Technical University is named ____I. I. Polsunov.

a) for

b) after

c) by

d) over


The city is rich ____ leisure time activities.

a) at

b) with

c) in

d) on

8.____ the disposal of the guests there are cozy hotels' rooms, Russian cuisine, currency exchange, various entertainment facilities.

a) at b) on c) in d) with

9. Businessmen are served _____ commercial banks and the Altai branch of the Siberian Stock





a) at

b) by

c) over

d) with

10. Large-scale suburban and hot-house farms completely provide Barnaul ____vegetables. a) by b) at c) with d) through

11. Barnaul is famous ____ excellent beer.


a) with

b) by

c) for

d) at

12. Frost is nothing ____ a Siberian.

a) for

b) to

c) at

d) with

Text A

The Russian Federation

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. It occupies about 1/7 of the Earth surface. The country is situated in Eastern Europe, Northern and Central Asia. Its total area is over 17 million square km.

Our land is washed by 12 seas, most of which are the seas of three oceans: the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Pacific. In the south and in the west the country borders on fourteen countries. It also has a sea-border with the USA.

There is hardly a country in the world where such a great variety of flora and fauna can be found as in our land. Our country has numerous forests, plains and steppes, taiga and tundra, highlands and deserts. The highest mountains in our land are the Altai, the Urals and the Caucasus. There are over two thousand rivers in the Russian Federation. The longest of them are the Volga, the Ob, the Yenisei, the Lena and the Amur. Our land is also rich in various lakes with the deepest lake in the world, the Baikal, included.

On the Russian territory there are 9 time zones. The climate conditions are rather different: from arctic and moderate to continental and subtropical. Our country is one of the richest in natural resources countries in the world: oil, natural gas, coal, different ores, ferrous and nonferrous metals and other minerals.

The Russian Federation is a multi-national state. It comprises many national districts, several autonomous republics and regions. The population of the country is over 140 million people.

Moscow is the capital of our Homeland. It is the largest political, scientific, cultural and industrial center of the country and one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. Russian is the official language of the state. The national symbol of the Russian Federation is a white-blue-red banner.

The Russian Federation is a constitutional republic headed by the President; the country government consists of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The President controls only the executive branch – the government, but not the Supreme Court and Federal Assembly.

The legislative power belongs to the Federal Assembly comprising two chambers: the Council of Federation (upper Chamber) and the State Duma (lower Chamber). Each chamber is headed by the Speaker. The executive power belongs to the government (the Cabinet of Ministers) headed by the Prime Minister. The judicial power belongs to the system of Courts comprising the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and federal courts.

Our country has a multiparty system. The largest and most influential political parties are the "Unity", the Communist party, "The Apple", Liberal-Democratic and some others.

The foreign policy of the Russian Federation is that of international cooperation, peace and friendship with all nations irrespective of their political and social systems.

Ex. 1 Read the following words correctly:

surface, area, flora and fauna, ores, ferrous, legislative, executive, judicial, autonomous, multiparty system, irrespective, foreign policy.

Ex. 2 Comprehension questions.

1.Is Russia the largest country in the world?

2.What oceans wash the borders of the Russian Federation?

3.How many countries have borders with Russia?


4.Are Russian flora and fauna various?

5.What are the highest mountains in Russia?

6.What is the Baikal famous for?

7.What is the climate in Russia like?

8.What is the national symbol of Russia?

9.What does the Federal Assembly consist of?

10.Who is the head of each Chamber of the Federal Assembly?

Ex.3 Find the English equivalents to the following words and phrases:

самая большая страна в мире; земная поверхность; общая площадь; граничить; морская граница; огромное разнообразие флоры и фауны; равнины; высокогорья; пустыни; часовой пояс; климатические условия; умеренный климат; полезные ископаемые; нефть; каменный уголь; многонациональное государство; население; столица; один из красивейших городов мира; национальный символ; конституционная республика; ветви власти; исполнительная власть; возглавлять; многопартийная система; международная политика.

Ex.4 Say if the following statements are true or false:

1.The Russian Federation is the fourth largest country in the world.

2.The country is situated in Eastern Europe, Northern and Central Asia.

3.Our land is washed not only by 12 seas, but also by 3 oceans.

4.Russian border with the USA is one of the largest.

5.There is hardly a country in the world where such a great variety of scenery and vegetation can be found.

6.Our land is rich in various lakes, including the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal.

7.Russia is a country with moderate climate.

8.The exact number of population in Russia is not known.

9.The Russian Federation is a constitutional republic headed by the President.

10.The legislative power belongs to the Speaker.

11.Even though our country has a multi-party system, the Communist party is still the most influential and numerous one.

12.The foreign policy of the Russian Federation is that of international cooperation, peace and friendship with all nations.

Ex.5 How well do you know your Homeland?

What are:

the longest Russian rivers?

the biggest Russian lakes?

a city with subtropical climate?

cities with arctic climate?

agricultural regions?

old historical cities?

places of recreation and tourism?

Ex.6 Translate into English:

1.Общая площадь Российской Федерации составляет более 17 миллионов километров.

2.В мире вряд ли есть еще одна страна с такой разнообразной флорой и фауной.

3.Озеро Байкал – самое глубокое озеро на земном шаре и россияне гордятся им.

4.На территории Российской Федерации существует 9 часовых поясов.

5.Россия является конституционной республикой с президентской формой правления.


6.Законодательная власть принадлежит Федеральному Собранию, состоящему из двух палат.

7.Законодательная и судебная власти прямо не подчиняются Президенту.

Text B

The Altai Region

The Altai Region is situated in the South East of Western Siberia at an equal distance from the four oceans. Its territory covers 169,1 thousand sq. km., the population numbers 2,7 mln. people including urban -1,4 mln. and rural - 1,3 mln. people. The region has 12 towns (Aleisk, Barnaul, Belokurikha, Bijsk, Gorniak, Zarinsk, Zmeinogorsk, Kanen-on-the-Ob, Novoaltaisk, Rubtsovsk, Slavgorod and Yarovoye), 7 urban and 60 rural districts. The capital of the Altai Region is Barnaul. Its population runs to 700 thousand people. Altai borders on Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions in the North; Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and the Republic of Altai in the South.

In the XVIII century the territory of Altai was "the Silver Treasury of Russia". It had been the personal property of the Cabinet and Russian tzars since 1747 till 1917.

You can't but admire the nature of the territory we live in. One of the greatest rivers of the world – the Ob formed by the junction of the two rivers the Katun and the Beya flows through the Altai Territory.

There are 3 thousand lakes in our Altai. The largest one is Kulundinskoye Lake (728 sq. km.). Two types of landscape prevail in the region: mountainous in the East and steppen in the West. Considerable areas are covered with virgin taiga forests. True hunters and fishermen highly appreciate the wealth of the taiga and the lakes. "The Belokurikha" health resort with its famous radon baths is situated in a picturesque corner of the Altai foothills. Visitors of Yarovoye Lake use its curing mud. Herbs are prepared in Altai in large quantities. A great number of tourist paths lead to mountainous Altai.

During the Soviet period such important industries as agricultural machine building, petrochemestry, textile industry and others have been founded in the Altai and they are constantly developing. Today Altai produces engines, tractors, power-station boilers, tractor ploughs, freight railway cars, tyres, electric pumps, radio-apparatus, cotton, synthetic fibres. The production of consumer goods has been organized here lately: washing machines, TV-sets, chemical goods, furniture, sports goods and tourist equipment.

The largest plants are joint-stock companies "Barnaultransmash", "Sibenergomash", "Altaiselmash-Holding", "Altaivagon" "Chemical Fibre plant" etc.

They call Altai "the Breadwinner" and the people are right. Altai is a major agricultural producer in Russia. It produces millions of tons of grain, meat, milk, vegetables and potatoes. Altai has become the foremost producer of sugar beet, oil-giving sunflowers and soy. A number of other crops are grown here: buckwheat, peas, oats and flax. It also produces berries and fruits.

Altai ranks first in Russia in the output of cheese and second in the output of butter. Breeding animals for furs is highly developed in Altai. Principle brunches of agriculture are crop production, livestock farming, maral breeding and bee keeping. Livestock farming specializes in meat, milk, wool, and eggs. Food processing industry is the second in the industrial structure of the region. There are dairy, meat processing, confectionery, baking, liquor, winemaking, sugar and cheese making enterprises in the Altai Region etc.

Altai has 10 higher educational institutions, 1620 secondary schools, private schools, lyceums, gymnasiums. The number of books and magazines in public libraries runs to 18 mln. volumes. Representatives of more than 110 nationalities peacefully co-exist in Altai.

World famous is the Altai stone-cutting art. Their artistic articles decorate many palaces and museums. The unique "Queen of Vases" made by Kolyvan masters is kept in the State Hermitage.


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