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UNIT I. FAMILY……….………………………… …………………5


UNIT III. HOUSE AND HOME…………………………………….41

UNIT IV. TOWN…………………………….……………………….59

UNIT V. THE ALTAI TERRITORY …………………………..…..72


UNIT VII. EDUCATION…………………………………………….97


Unit I. Family


Task 1. What is your idea of a family?

  • People who are related to each other, like parents and children.

  • People who choose to live together.

  • People who have lived together for a long time.

Task 2. Read Tony’s letter and a) fill in the names of the people in the picture; b) answer the questions below.

Блок-схема: альтернативный процесс 2Блок-схема: альтернативный процесс 3Блок-схема: альтернативный процесс 4Блок-схема: альтернативный процесс 5Блок-схема: альтернативный процесс 6Блок-схема: альтернативный процесс 7

43, St. Catherine Street

Montreal, PQ

M3B 2Y7


Dear Pierre,

I’m Tony Philips and I’m 16 years old. I’m a student and I live Montreal, Canada. I’m tall and slim with short dark hair and brown eyes.

There are seven of us in our family: my grandparents, Steve and Sally, my parents, Joe and Kate, my sister, Liz, aged 6, my brother, Leo, aged 8, and of course, me. My father is a surgeon. He works at the local hospital and my mother is a teacher in a primary school. We live in a big house about 20 minutes from the city centre.

In my free time, I love playing computer games and listening to rock music. I’m an MTV maniac. My favourite group is Guns’n’Roses. Do you like them? I also like going to the cinema. I go to the cinema every Saturday. I don’t like going to the theatre, though. Well, that’s all about me. Write back and tell me about yourself.

Best wishes,


  1. Where does Tony live? What do we learn about his family?

  2. What does Tony like doing in his free time? Do you share his interests?

  3. Look at the photo of his family again. Is Tony’s family a happy one? Why? Why not?


  1. family - семья

one-parent family – неполная семья

nuclear family – семья, только самые близкие родственники

extended family – семья, все родственники

  1. relatives – родственники

remote relatives–дальние родственники

to be related to – приходиться родственником

relatives by birth – родственники по рождению

relatives by marriage – родственники по браку

  1. parents – родители

father/mother – отец/мать

dad/mum – папа/мама

  1. child (children) – ребенок (дети)

daughter – дочь

son – сын

twins – близнецы

triplets – тройняшки

the only child – единственный ребенок в семье

  1. siblings – братья/сестры

brother – брат

sister – сестра

  1. aunt/uncle – тетя/дядя

  2. niece/nephew – племянница/племянник

  3. cousin – двоюродный брат/сестра

  4. grandparents – дедушка/бабушка

grandfather (grandpa) – дедушка

grandmother (grandma) – бабушка

ancestors – предки

descendants – потомки

  1. grandchildren – внуки

granddaughter/son – внучка/внук

  1. spouse(s) – супруг(и)

husband – муж

wife – жена

wife-to-be – будущая жена

husband-to-be – будущий муж

common-in-law partners – партнеры, живущие в гражданском браке

  1. marital status – семейный статус

married – замужняя/женатый

single – незамужняя/неженатый

divorced – разведенный

bachelor – холостяк

old maid – старая дева

widow – вдова

  1. stepparents – неродные родители

stepmother – мачеха

stepfather – отчим

guardian – опекун

  1. stepchildren – усыновленные/неродные дети

stepdaughter – падчерица

stepson – пасынок

orphan – сирота

  1. mother-in-law – теща, свекровь

father-in-law – тесть, свекр

  1. son-in-law – зять

daughter-in-law – сноха, невестка

  1. dating – ухаживания

  2. to marry – жениться

to get married – пожениться

to be married – быть женатым/замужем

to marry into the family – войти в семью после замужества

  1. marriage – брак, женитьба

marriage ceremony (wedding) – свадьба

an arranged marriage – брак по договоренности родителей

a love match / marriage of convenience – брак по любви (по расчету)

  1. engagement – помолвка

to be engaged – быть помолвленным

  1. a fiancé / fiancée – жених (невеста) после помолвки

  2. prenuptial agreement – брачный договор

  3. registry office – ЗАГС

  4. marriage certificate – свидетельство о браке

  5. bride (bridegroom) – невеста (жених)

  6. newly-wed couple – молодожены

  7. honeymoon – медовый месяц

  8. divorce – развод

to divorce – разводиться

upbringing – воспитание

  1. to bring up children – воспитывать детей

  2. to spoil a child – избаловать ребенка

  3. to adopt a child – усыновить ребенка

  4. to respect each other – уважать друг друга

  5. to be deeply attached to each other – быть глубоко привязанным друг к другу

  6. to take care of – заботиться о

  7. to get on well – хорошо ладить

  8. to have much in common – иметь много общего

  9. to take after – пойти в/быть похожим на кого-либо

  10. to look like somebody – быть похожим на

  11. to be of age – стать совершеннолетним

Consolidate the vocabulary

  1. Put the words in the box under the following headings:

people who are not married

close relatives

remote relatives

relatives by marriage

nephew daughter single mother-in-law bachelor aunt son-in-law mother ancestors siblings old maid father-in-law triplets widow cousin daughter-in-law

  1. Match the words in column A with those in column B:

    1. honeymoon

    2. divorce

    3. stepson

    4. descendants

    5. spouse

    6. triplets

    7. bridegroom

    8. to take after

    9. to bring up children

    10. prenuptial agreement

    11. daughter-in-law

    12. engagement

    13. common-in-law partners

    14. an arranged marriage

    15. wedding

  1. брак по договоренности родителей

  2. помолвка

  3. брачный договор

  4. пойти в кого-либо

  5. тройняшки

  6. потомки

  7. развод

  8. медовый месяц

  9. пасынок

  10. супруг

  11. жених

  12. воспитывать детей

  13. сноха, невестка

  14. партнеры, живущие в гражданском браке

  15. свадьба

  1. Cross-one-out:

      1. bachelor, widow, spouse, single;

      2. aunt, mother, daughter, son;

      3. fiancé, bridegroom, bride, husband;

      4. cousin, nephew, uncle, father;

      5. upbringing, divorce, marriage, engagement;

      6. guardian, stepdaughter, orphan, twins

  1. Explain the following notions:

orphan, honeymoon, an arranged marriage, registry office, fiancée, marriage certificate, prenuptial agreement, newly-wed couple, descendants, divorce.

  1. Guess the notion by its definition:

        1. uncle’s or aunt’s son / daughter;

        2. a child with no parents;

        3. two siblings of the same age;

        4. your distant relatives that died a long time ago;

        5. a woman whose husband has died;

        6. a woman and a man living together but not married;

        7. a ceremony of getting married;

        8. son’s wife;

        9. a woman who has never been married;

        10. to take a child into one’s family (as a relation);

        11. to educate, to raise children;

        12. man (woman) to whom one is engaged.

  1. Fill in the gaps with the proper words:

  1. Andrew's parents don't live together. They are...

  2. Frank has no parents, so he is an...

  3. Her... name was Hope. But after the marriage her name is Dickson.

  4. He hasn't got a family of his own, he is... so far.

  5. Are you an... child in the family? - No, I've got an elder brother.

  6. My grandparents are... already.

  7. He is 19. He... of age last year.

  8. Children go to school at the... of six in our Republic.

  9. He is married now but two years ago he was... .

  10. Their… will take place tomorrow. At last they will become a husband and a wife.

  1. Translate into Russian:

          1. In two weeks they will go to Hawaii on their honeymoon.

          2. Billy got married to the first girl he went out with.

          3. He left her to bring up three young children on her own.

          4. Jimmy’s grandmother spoils him with toys and candy.

          5. They’ve officially announced their engagement.

          6. It was a marvelous wedding ceremony in a church.

          7. They both had to get divorced from their previous marriages.

          8. Nadya is your great-grand-daughter. She is the exact image of you.

          9. More people who are not legally married are living together.

          10. Many children are being raised in single-parent families, by both poor women and by women who are professionally employed.

  1. Translate into English:

            1. Это мой племянник. Он – подросток.

            2. У него много родственников со стороны жены.

            3. Он никогда не был женат.

            4. Она – единственный ребенок в семье.

            5. Они решили усыновить ребенка.

            6. Он пошел в своего отца.

            7. Супруги решили провести отпуск в горах.

            8. Количество неполных семей постоянно увеличивается.

            9. Они объявили о помолвке на прошлой неделе.

            10. Его усыновили в возрасте 3 лет.

            11. Они воспитывают свою приемную дочь как родную.

            12. Я редко общаюсь со своими дальними родственниками.

            13. Это – его будущая жена. Не путайте ее с ее сестрой-близнецом.

            14. Семейный статус может играть важную роль при получении визы.

            15. Они поженились по любви, хотя все считают, что это брак по расчету.

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