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Module 1

Exercise 1. Interpersonal Skills.

1. A leader has the ability to influence others through qualities such as personal ........., expertise, command of language, and the creation of mutual respect – all of which require strong interpersonal skills.

a)  Aura; b) charisma; c) élan; d) machismo.

2. Interpersonal skills include the ability to ......... and manage the emotions, motivations, and behaviors of oneself and others during social interactions or in a social-interactive context.

a) Feel; b) read; c) suss; d) view.

3. Those who have interpersonal skills are able to manage their behavior during social interactions and align their goals to the goals of others during ......... activities.

a) Cohesive; b) collaborative; c) collocational; d) concessive.

4. They are able to empathize and are sensitive to the needs of others and to the forces that ......... the way that others feel and behave.

a) Bend; b) mar; c) mend; d) shape.

5. They manage conflict effectively by devising win-win solutions, constructively influencing the behavior of others, and using effective communication and .........strategies.

a) Enforcement; b) evasive; c) performance; d) persuasive.

6. Many have wondered how it happens that persons with high IQs don't always......... the top jobs: the answer often lies in interpersonal skills.

a) Land; b) leave; c) sack; d) seize.

7. Modern teamwork often brings together individuals from diverse groups who may not share common norms, values, or ......... but who do offer unique expertise, insights, and perspectives.

a) Accommodations; b) cubicles; c) salaries; d) vocabularies.

8. E-mail, voice mail, audioconferencing and videoconferencing, and the myriad other technologies that enable individuals to communicate with each other not only increase the ways in which individuals can interact but also require a heightened sensitivity to the ......... of interpersonal interactions.

a) Innuendos; b) naivete; c) nuances; d) repartee.

9. This idea is particularly true in the worlds of virtual learning and virtual communication, where one cannot yet use hand gestures, facial expressions, or body ......... to fully express ideas.

a) Language; b) movement; c) poses; d) positions.

10. The challenge is to ......... interpersonal skills not only in face-to-face interactions but in virtual interactions as well.

a) Perfect; b) perform; c) produce; d) project.

Exercise 2. Verbal Communication Skills.

1. Remember that this happened first and was ......... to the episode that happened afterwards.

a)  Before; b) since; c) prior; d) previous.

2. As the police saw the accident themselves, the driver avoided the ......... of having to give a detailed report.

a) Need; b) requirement; c) indictment; d) necessity.

3. It's a complete waste of time ......... over who was to blame, the main thing we have to do is decide what to do next.

a) Arguing; b) discussing; c) repeating; d) considering.

4. It was easy to realise why the machine had stopped working since it was a direct......... of his failure to maintain it.

a) Complement; b) concern; c) consequence; d) conviction.

5. I am completely confused as to why she did it and so it's not ......... to imagine why other people are mystified, too.

a) Definite; b) difficult; c) debatable; d) decided.

6. If you want to try and influence that political party it's best to become a member yourself and then you can argue from the ..........

a) Entrance; b) beginning; c) side; d) inside.

7. I have great ......... for them at this time because I have had a similar experience.

a) Sincerity; b) sympathy; c) sorrow; d) sadness.

8. Feel free to visit anything of interest to you in the exhibition and also you can .........of any of the refreshments available.

a) Retake; b) undertake; c) partake; d) intake.

9. Many of the people in the crowd were visibly crying because they all ......... with those who had lost relatives in the disaster.

a) Resented; b) regretted; c) rejoined; d) sympathized.

10. I assure you that you will have no problem with the task because it's as easy .........can be.

a) As; b) than; c) and; d) it.

Exercise 3. Ways of commenting.

1. If you want my honest opinion, I thought the play was ..........

a) Litter; b) dust; c) waste; d) rubbish.

2. It was quite a good film but I thought the characters were a bit like ..........

a) Paper; b) cardboard; c) plastic; d) material.

3. It's quite a nice car but there was not very much ......... in the back.

a) Area; b) limit; c) room; d) fullness.

4. She's pleasant enough but not very pretty. In fact I'd say she was rather ..........

a) Plain; b) straight; c) simple; d) casual.

5. The first time you see the view you can't believe it. It almost takes your breath..........

a) Out; b) over; c) under; d) away.

6. I sat through the concert feeling really bored and sleepy and had to stop myself from ......... several times.

a) Gaping; b) yawning; c) stretching; d) crying.

7. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and I just wanted the ground to ......... up and swallow me.

a) Ease; b) throe; c) open; d) crack.

8. In my opinion no one in their right mind would ever go and pay to see a play .........that.

a) As; b) same; c) more; d) like.

9. The room was good, the bed was comfortable and the service was excellent but the hotel food left a lot to be ..........

a) Required; b) desired; c) demanded; d) included.

10. To be perfectly honest with you I think that this is the best test I've ever taken in my entire ..........

a) Life; b) days; c) duration; d) stay.

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