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1. Answer the questions on the text:

1. Where do the Kirillovs live?

2. Why do they not like their house?

3. Where do they get a flat?

4. How many rooms are there in it?

5. What furniture do they have in the living-room (bedrooms‚ kitchen)?

6. What street do they live now?

7. What is there around their block?

2. Be ready to speak about:

1) your flat (house)

2) your friend’s place of residence

3) your dream about your future flat (house)

Additional texts for reading


Read the text with a dictionary and answer the questions that follow it.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jackie. My full name is Jackie Rose. I am 21 and I am in the 4th year of the French and Russian department at Aberdeen University. I live on a farm in the North of Scotland in an area which attracts many tourists because of its beauty – the Scottish Highlands. Agriculture is the main occupation here. My father is a farmer.

During the term-time I live in a university flat with 5 other girls and quite often go home at week-ends since it is only a hundred miles away.

My mother is a housewife and is always busy looking after the house – the garden and various animals. She is 48 and my father is 51. They both came from quite large families so my 2 sisters, my brother and I have many aunts, uncles and cousins. My mother’s parents are still alive, but we very rarely see them because they live on a small Scottish island.

My elder sister Margaret is almost 23 and works for my father in his office as a secretary. It is a well-paid job and she is very efficient but she doesn’t really enjoy it because she works indoors all day. At heart she is a lover of outdoor life and would prefer to work with horses. Last year she trained to be a riding instructress but realized it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a job and since she had already done a year’s secretarial course when she left school at 17, she decided to work for my father.

Jocelyn, my other sister, is 17 and in her final year at school. Up to the last year she went to a boarding school in Aberdeen but decided to come home and spend her last year in Inverness at the local comprehensive school because she has so many animals to look after. She owns 2 of our 4 cats, 2 sheep and also keeps several ducks. Jocelyn is very interested in farming and she wants to study agriculture at the university next year. It is perhaps not a very wise choice, since it is extremely difficult for girls to find jobs as farm managers.

The youngest member of the family is William, who is 16. He is at a boarding school near Perth, about 150 miles away and comes home once a term and at holidays. Choosing a career is no problem for him – he has always wanted to be a farmer and to take over business from my father. He is tall and strong for his age and works on the farm every holiday.

All my family, except for me, is very involved in farming. This isn’t surprising since both my father’s father and my mother’s father and their fathers before them were also farmers – it is a family tradition. Our family is slightly larger than average. But since the age difference between the children is small we all get on very well with each other and with our parents. All in all, we’re a very happy family.

Answer the questions on the text:

1. Where does Jackie Rose live?

2. Jackie Rose is in the 4th year at Aberdeen University, isn’t she?

3. Where does she live during the term-time?

4. Does she often go home? How often?

5. What is her mother (father, her elder sister, her younger sister, brother)?

6. What does her mother look after?

7. How old are her parents?

8. Did they both come from quite large families?

9. Jackie, her sisters and her brother have many aunts, uncles and cousins, haven’t they?

10. Do they see their grandparents often or rarely? Why?

11. Does Margaret enjoy her work as a secretary? Why?

12. Why did Jocelyn come home and decide to spend her last year at the local comprehensive school?

13. What is Jocelyn interested in? What does she want to study at the University?

14. What career has William chosen?

15. What is the whole family involved in? Is it surprising? Give your reasons?

16. Do the children of the Roses’ family get on well with each other and with their parents?

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