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11. Rewrite these sentences in the passive. ,,

examples: No-one has made the bed. The bed hasn't been made.

No-one told me about the fight delay. I wasn't told about the flight delay.

a They put my luggage in the hold.

b No-onc has cleaned-the room today.

с Someone has already filled in the form.

d Someone booked the taxi last night.

e They cancelled my flight.

f They gave me a first class ticket.

12. Match the statements and questions with the responses.

  1. Can I have your name, please— ^ a A single or a double?

  2. I'd like to book a room for Tuesdayrnght. b When's the next flight?

  3. 1 hope you catch the flight. \ с I'll send someone to look at it.

  4. I've missed my connection. V d Yes, of course.

  5. Can I pay by credit card? *e It's Ahmed Salem.

  6. The TV in my room doesn't work f Can I see your passport, please

  7. What kind of identification do you need? g Here, please.

  8. Where do I need to sign? h Thanks. Wish me luck!



companies provide a range of newspapers, music and video programs. On long-distance flights a tasty meal and different drinks are usually served. Travelling by air is far quicker than any other method.

Some people say there's nothing to compare with a walking holiday, in good weather with pleasant companions. Your rucksack should contain a change of everything, but nothing that is not absolutely essential. A camping holiday teaches people how to survive and appreciate home comfort.

Bicycle holidays are an excellent way of taking exercise. It gets you out into the fresh air & keeps you in good health. There are also no parking problems and bicycles don't cause pollution. Hitch-hiking isn't a good method of travelling if you have to be in a place at a specific time and many people imagine it dangerous.

Travelling is an up-to-date way of spending holidays but when the curiosity for the new scenes is satisfied, we turn our thought towards home where all things are familiar and we love them. There is the great joy for coming home again because 'East or West - home is best' and 'There is no place like home'. i-,.,

  1. Read and remember how to use these words:

to travel: travel around; travel from one place to another; travel to foreign countries (= to travel abroad), travel on business, go traveling. It's a good idea to travel to the seaside by car. He spent a year traveling around Europe.

to arrive: arrive in England; arrive in Moscow; arrive at a small village; arrive at school. Send this telegram and ask when it will arrive. Do you know when the plane will arrive, Jack? The train arrives in London at 12 o'clock. ...

  1. Look at this list and say which of things you will choose and take with you:

  • if you go travelling to a foreign country;

  • if you go camping.

a sleeping bag a tent an umbrella a beautiful dress spoons

a compass a camera a map a suitcase a tin opener

a guide-book a book trainers a rucksack

a fishing rod


In your place


take a tram (bus, car, ship)


go on an excurs[oii


staygj t'ne station



go to Odessa


travel abroad


travel on business

. Make up sentences:

Щ Contusing words:

Read and learn:

  • Go by: bus, coach, ferry, train, plane, motorbike, taxi, car

  • Go on/off: bus, coach, ferry, train, plane, motorbike, moped, bicycle

  • Get into/out of: a taxi, van, car

■ • 10

  • Catch: a bus, coach, ferry, train

  • Take: a bus, coach, ferry, train, taxi

  • Miss: a bus, coach, ferry, train ■ . ■•:

  • Ride: a motorbike, moped, bicycle

Circle the more suitable alternative in each sentence. .•.•!■■

1.1 had a terrible flight /travel last summer. There was a fault and the plane had to turn back

only half an hour after taking off.

  1. The best school outing/voyage that I remember was when we went to the zoo last year.

  2. My mum wants to go on a cruise/ voyage around the Mediterranean, sailing to different places like Barcelona and Malta.

  3. The first sea cruise/ voyage around the world was begun by the Portuguese commander, Ferdinand Magellan and completed by the Spanish sailor, Juan Sebastian del Cano.

5.1 never get bored on a long car journey/ trip, I really love driving.

  1. I love reading journey /travel books, because you can read about people's experiences from the comfort of your armchair.

  2. On the last day of the holiday, we went on an excellent excursion/ package lour to a nearby ruined castle.

  3. My dad has just come back from a business outing/trip to New York.

  4. Last year we went on a package tour /travel around Italy by coach.

10. Bye! Have a good trip /voyage!

7.Answer these questions:

  1. Why do people enjoy traveling?

  2. Have you ever got in a train without a ticket?

  3. Have you ever got out of a moving train or bus?

  4. What is the first thing to do before starting on a trip?

  5. What would annoy you most about a travel companion?

  6. What is your favorite way of traveling? Why?

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