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I.Read and memorize the following words: travel - подорож, поУздка;

to travel - подорожувати - by car - автомашиною

  • by train - поУздом - by ship (by sea) - кораблем

  • by bus - автобусом - by plane (by air) - лггаком take/ make/go on a trip/ a journey/ a voyage^ travel)

tour - подорож

e.g. We made a bus-tour round London voyage - подорож морем, р1чкою

I don't like sea voyages as 1 am always sea-sick (be liable to seasickness), cruise - подорож морем (з метою вщпочинку) e.g. My brother is going to have a world cruise, booking-o ffice - бшетна каса e.g. As the booking-office was closed I had to wait. Arrival - прибуття, приТзд (to arrive - verb) departure - вщТзд fare - плата за проТзд e.g. What's the fare to Rome? flight - полк, передrr, рейс schedule - розклад, rpacbin on schedule - вчасно, за розкладом e.g. Our train arrived on schedule, return ticket - зворотний квиток e.g. I always try to buy return tickets wherever I go. one-way ticket- квиток в один напрям through ticket-транзитний квиток to date a ticket - закомпостувати квиток to cancel a ticket (a train, a flight) to -вшмшити left-luggage office/check - room - камера схову Information В urea и/ Inquiry Office - довщкове waiting-room - зал для чекання air hostess (flightattendant, stewardess)- стюардеса guard - провщник berth - спальне мюце, полиця cabin - каюта state-room - окрема каюта carriage - вагон dining-car - вагон ресторан sleeping-car / sleeper спальний вагон compartment - купе

deck - палуба gangway - трап

rack - eiujanка, полиця для речей bag - сумка, маленький чемодан suit-case - невеликий чемодан trunk - великий чемодан

2.Study the text


Modern life is impossible without traveling. It keeps us from growing state and old. Traveling is the most exciting way of spending one's leave or holidays. People travel to see other countries and continents, cultural and historical capitals. They travel to enjoy picturesque places or just for a change of scene. Travelers try to experience the local culture and meet local people. They are interested in new experiences and sensations. Tourists just want to have fun and relax. And, of course everyone assumes that travelling broadens the mind.

Some people want to be among the mountains and the trees, or at some quiet seaside place with the sea and the yellow sand and the sunshine where they do nothing but sunbathe. They can't stand crowds. They think that they can get the really enjoyable things of life out of big cities. Other people like to be in big towns, where there are libraries, museums, theaters, music, good food and interesting people. People like gaiety and life and fun. They don4 feel happy, when they are away from those things and after a week or two they want to get back to them again. All in all, city life is full of bustle and variety and you need never feel bored. Most travelers take a camera with them and take pictures of everything that interests them.

Nowadays various means of transport are at the disposal of people. They have their advantages and disadvantages and people choose one according to their plans and destinations. There are a lot of tourist agencies which cooperate with firms abroad and in our country in transportation of tourists by air, rail and water transport. Speed, reliability and comfort are the main demands of all types of transport.

People who are not short of time usually travel by train or by ship. It takes more time but gives the opportunity to see the country you are getting through. First class liners and various routes are offered by the passenger fleet. There is nothing like tourism by sea for those who are not liable to seasickness.

Comfortable buses offer utmost comfort for tourists and passengers on long-distance trips. The large bus windows offer a splendid view for watching the scenery around. Passengers can listen to the recorded music or see video films. During their journeys by buses or cars tourists can stop at any places to their liking, when they want to stretch their legs.

They can enjoy world famous resorts, majestic mountains, sky-blue lakes, sparkling rivers and falls. It's impossible to describe all the things that can be enjoyed on the way.

Some people like traveling by air the best. They like getting to different places fast. They like sensing the sudden changes in life and climate. To help tourists to enjoy the flight, the

accepting side — приймаюча сторона

car rental company — компашя, що займаеться рентою автомобиив

9. Read and translate the text:

Being a businessman you have to travel much, to meet many people, to arrange business deals and personal relations. It means you will often arrange business trips. Before you have a business trip you should do the following steps: prepare all business documents necessary for your meeting with a foreign partner.

If you visit your business partner for the first time you should take advertising materials representing your firm and its products. Today many people make all their travel arrangements over the phone. They call the travel agent and book their flight, and then give their credit card number to pay for the plane ticket, if you are going to travel by plane. It is the fastest way of travelling and it is helpful if you are short of time, but it is rather expensive. If your destination is not far from your town (city) you can travel by car or by train. It is a slower way of travelling but it is cheaper and quite comfortable. If a visa is necessary, some travel agents take their customers' passports to the embassy's visa department. You should also have medical insurance documents with you when you are going to visit your foreign partner.

It's not a good idea to carry lots of cash with you, so traveller's cheques are a safe way to take money abroad. It's easy to change them at the bank for foreign currency during your trip.

When people travel they almost always stay at hotels or guest-houses, so you should make a hotel reservation in advance by letter, telephone or e-mail. Let the hotel manager know the day and the time of your departure, or you may arrive at the hotel and be told that there are no rooms available.

If you travel abroad you must go through the customs inspection. The customs officials check your luggage and ask you to fill in the customs declaration form. Some ofyourthings may be subjected to duty; some of them are duty free. If you have foreign currency you would indicate the sum in your declaration.

If you don't want to use public transport during your business trip you have to agree with accepting side to provide you with a car or you may ask about a good car rental company. In this case don't forget to take your driving license — you can't drive without it! You also have to arrange insurance documents and take them too.

10. Remember the following information. Then complete each sentence with the word

travel, trip, or journey.

Travel, journey, or trip? - . •

The general activity of moving from place to place is travel. E.g.: He came home after years

of foreign travel. ■ .

If a person moves from place to place over a period of time we speak of travels. E.g.: Did

you go to Rome during your travels?

A journey is the time spent and the distance covered in going from one particular place to another. E.g.: It was a long journey by train.

A trip is a short journey, especially for pleasure or for a particular purpose. E.g.: I think, I'll take a trip to see him. He is going to have a business trip to Japan.

  1. Thank you for visiting us, and have a safe home.

  2. How was your to London last weekend? Did you have a good time?

  3. When we were in London, we went on a sightseeing round the city.

  4. 1 a lot for my business deals.

  5. How many business do you make every year, on average?

  6. How long does the to Brighton take by train?

  7. It was a very long , because there was a lot of traffic on the road.

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