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3. Use words from the Check these words task in the correct form to complete the sentences:

1. A lot of people __________ money to charity.

2. You can find a local __________ of your favorite charity by looking in the phonebook.

3. Ella's __________ is to help as many cats as possible.

4. Ella's collection was so helpful to the cat charity that she won an __________.

5. Now Ella has the __________ to collect of 3,650 cans by the time she is 60.

4. What impressed you the most in the text? In three minutes write a few sentences. Tell the group.

Project work

Make the presentation in Power Point. You may choose the following topics:

  1. My favourite pastime.

  2. My hobby.

  3. A hobby and a future profession.


Ielts Speaking... Cue Card

Tips for answering the Cue Card Sample

(Describe someone in your family who you really admire):

You already know a lot about your family members and this cue card should be an easy one to answer. Just focus on the questions mentioned bellow the Cue card topic. Following questions may come for this cue card and note the quick answers of these questions:

1. Who is he/ she?: My mother/ My father/ My bother/ My sister, etc.

2. Your relationship to this family member: She is my mother/ he is my father, etc.

3. What you do together: We walk out together/ cook together/ study together/ talk a lot about family issues, etc.

4. What is s/he like: He/ She is kind, talented, energetic, works a lot, dedicated, caring, possess a great personality, open-minded, etc.

5. How long do you know him/ her: From my childhood/ all of my life/ for more than 20 years, etc.

6. How often do you see him/ her: Everyday/ once in a month/ most of the time I stay at home/ in every three months, etc.

7. Why do you like him/ her or why do you admire him/ her?: She loves me a lot, very close to me, very caring, have a good heart, talented, helpful, my best mentor, etc.

While talking about what is she/ he like or what qualities he/ she has or even why do you like/ admire him/ her you can use some of the following points:

For father: He is honest, brave, had a good heart, talented, leads an ideal life, has sacrificed a lot to up-bring us, is an exemplary person, everybody respects him, is the best person I have ever seen, loves me very much, hardworking, punctual, talented, etc.

For mother: She is so caring, loving, hardworking and possesses a good heart, had done a lot to up-bring us, very close to me, very understanding, one of my best friends, knows a lot of things and has so many practical skills, etc.

For brother: He is so brave, talented, well mannered, knows a lot about different things, had always been supportive to you, loved by others, cooperative and have lots of memories together, like a mentor to me, is my best buddy, taught me almost everything he knows, always protects me, etc.

For sister: She is caring, a good friend, loving, a good mentor, helps you on study or on other tasks, supportive, a very good friends, talented and well-mannered, etc.

Possible Answer:

I've got a small family with only 5 members and all of us are very close to each other and we love each other very much. Among them I love my mother more than anyone else in the whole world. I adore my mother for her caring, loving, adorable behaviors and wit. She is the person I can share everything with and that's the reason I worship her so much.

Possibly she was the first human I saw when I opened my eyes in this world. A relationship with a mother is divine and all of my childhood memories are either related to my mom or my school. I can still remember a day I was late to come back home after school and that's because there was a ceremony at the school I did not know about. All of a certain I found that my mother was entering through the school-gate to find me. I was so frightened that my mother would rebuke me for being late unnoticed and she must be mad at me. But to my best surprise, when my mother saw me she had a warm smile in her face that I'll never forget till my last breath in this earth. Then she hugged me and gave me a kiss. I felt then that I love my mother more than me. She attended the program at the school and afterward we came back home together.

I spent my 19 years or so with my father and mother but I stay at a metropolitan city now for my education. Whenever I get vacation I meet my mother at my village home. On an average I spend 2/3 months with my mother each year but I talk to her over phone almost twice a day.

The reasons why I admire her are endless. She is caring, tender, she has got a big heart and she possesses love for everyone. She had been an ideal mother to raise 3 kids and making sure our education and moral values. She had made a lot of sacrifices all of her life and had never complained about anything to my best knowledge. She is the person who reminds me the power of love and caring.

Alternative Answer:

I have got 6 family members and all of them are very dear and close to me. If I need to pick one family member among them to talk about, that would be my father. My father’s name is (say your father’s name) and he is around 50 years old. He is the kind of person I would want my offspring to be. He did his graduation in a time when formal education was not people’s first choice. They would rather start earning from work rather than going to school. My father fought to ensure his education with the people who thought working or doing some sort of business has more value than education. But my father believed that education is the most important part of a man’s life. He heartily held the idea that education shapes a man’s life and is the kind of power and asset that would always accompany him.

I have lots of memories of my father and I see him every day. There exists a strong bonding between us that only two of us feel. I still remember those days of my childhood when I used to wait in the evening for my father to return from office. He would then play with me and help on completing my lessons. I vividly remember him sometimes taking me to the market and buy me gifts. When I was an infant he moved to the city from the village to ensure me better schooling and environment. That was a decision that has changed my life path. He himself helped me finishing my home works and lessons, always allured me of gifts if I could complete my study. Besides my education he taught me lots of moral values and important things of life.

He used to work in a Government organization and for his hard-working and kindness; he is revered by all of our relatives, his friends and neighbors.

He believes in humanity, good behavior, our creator, and leads a life that can be exemplary. He still does most of his own works and helps my mom on her house hold works. After retirement he has picked 2 new habits: gardening and teaching neighbors’ kids. He is a quiet and intelligent man who has benevolent heart and that what make him so admirable to me. He is still the pillar of our family and all of our family members love and respect him very much.

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