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  1. Step 2. Read the blog entry written by Bren Brennan about Prince Charles’ experience as a weatherman.

  2. It sounds like just the same, normal weather forecast vocabulary that you would expect to hear at the end of every news programme.

  3. But this time, it’s a bit special. HRH Prince Charles tried his hand at ‘doing the weather’ today on BBC Scotland television news, which must have been surprising for viewers tuning in to see what their day would be like weather-wise. Weathermen, like newsreaders, typically have voices that are easy to understand, so it was unusual to hear the Prince with his Received Pronunciation accent talking about sunshine and rain.

  4. Once Charles had got used to ‘the clicker’ (the gadget that makes the pictures move forward), he seemed to do the forecast like a professional. His famously exaggerated and expressive hand movements made him a natural for the job.

  5. When he mentions Balmoral (the holiday home of the Royal family), things turn a bit humorous – well as funny as it can be when you get royalty on the BBC.

  6. Step 3. Watch the video clip on the site youtube.com/watch?v=iVKx4mV3Bwo and read the weather forecast for Scotland presented by Prince Charles.

  7. Well, it’s an unsettled picture as we head towards the end of the week. This afternoon it’ll be cold, wet and windy across most of Scotland. We are under the influence of low pressure, and this weather front pushing northwards is bringing clouds and outbreaks of rain. The rain, of course, will be heaviest over the borders and around Edinburgh, where it could lead to difficult conditions on the roads. In the west, rain will be lighter and patchier with maybe a few drier interludes over Dumfries House in Ayrshire. Aha.. There will be snow for the higher ground of the Highlands and Aberdeenshire. The potential for a few flurries over Balmoral… (Who the hell wrote this script!) as the afternoon goes on. The best of the drier and brighter weather will, of course, be over the northern isles and far north of the mainland. So a little hazy sunshine for the Castle of Mey and Caithness. But a cold day everywhere with temperatures of just eight Celsius and a brisk north easterly wind.

  8. Thank God, it isn’t a bank holiday!

  9. TASK 45. Read the text below and answer the questions after it.

  10. The Weather Forecast

  11. (from ‘American Streamline’)

  12. Carol and Nathan Ackerman live in Washington, D.C. They're planning a weekend trip.

  13. Nate: I know, Carol! Why don't we go to the Pennsylvania Dutch country?

  14. Carol: It's a long way, Nate.

  15. Nate: Oh, it isn't too far. Anyway, the highway's an Interstate, so we can get there quickly.

  16. Carol: But Pennsylvania's often cold at this time of the year. It might snow.

  17. Nate: Well, yes. It might, but I don't think it will.

  18. Carol: I'm not sure. It is December, and I'm afraid of driving in the snow. And we might not be able to find a hotel. They might be closed.

  19. Nate: Oh, that's no problem. I can make a reservation by phone tonight.

  20. Carol: Well, maybe it's not a bad idea. We might have beautiful weather.

  21. Nate: Oh, we'll enjoy ourselves anyway. Let's watch the weather forecast on TV. We might not go to Pennsylvania. We might go to Virginia or North Carolina. We can decide after the forecast. Let's look now at the weather map.

  22. Weathergirl: It's generally clear in the Washington area with some rain over here in the mountains of Virginia. It's 43°F now outside our studio. That's 6° Celsius. Our low tonight will be 34°F. The humidity is a damp 75 per cent, with winds from the north-west.

  23. Now let's look at the forecast for tomorrow. It'll be colder, with a high of 36°F. They'll be getting snow in northern Pennsylvania and in upstate New York. We might get some of the snow, but probably we'll have a little rain instead. The rest of the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states will be grey and overcast, except it'll be partly cloudy with occasional sunshine south of us in Virginia and North Carolina. We might get some cold winds tomorrow from the north-west, and they might bring us some of that snow. So keep that in mind if you're driving this weekend, because Sunday looks like more of the same.

  24. Questions

              1. Where do Carol and Nathan Ackerman live? How far is it from Pennsylvania?

              2. How many states will they have to cross to get to their destination if the decide to go to Pennsylvania for the weekend?

              3. How many arguments does Carol use against going to the Pennsylvania Dutch country?

              4. What reason does Nathan give in favour of going there?

              5. What other destination does Nathan offer instead of the Pennsylvania Dutch country? How different it is from his original plans?

              6. What is the weather like in the Washington area?

              7. Will it be colder or warmer in the Washington area in the evening?

              8. According to the weather report, will there be snow in the Washington area?

              9. What will the weather be like in northern Pennsylvania and in the northern part of the state of New York?

              10. Will it be clear in Virginia and North Carolina?

              11. What winds will there be tomorrow in the Washington area?

              12. Will the weekend be snowy in the Washington area?

              13. Which destination do you think Carol and Nathan Ackerman will choose for their weekend? Which would you choose if you were in their place?

  1. TASK 46. Fill in the gaps with the words and phrases from the box and read some examples of typical weather forecasts.

  1. moderate

  1. occasional showers

  1. centigrade

  1. snow showers

  1. sunny

  1. blizzard

  1. north-west

  1. wind

  1. snowfall

  1. drizzle

  1. conditions

  1. rough

  1. degrees

  1. move out

  1. warm

  1. Celsius

  1. thunderstorms

  1. light

  1. breeze

  1. Sunny weather with _______ (1). The temperature is 25_______ (2) above zero. The _______ (3) is from the West.

  2. Rain, wind _______ (4) to strong; 15-20 metres a second.

  3. Heavy _______ (5). The temperature is – 20°. An east wind is blowing; 5 metres a second; a _______ (6) is possible.

  4. In England and Wales we will have a _______ (7) start followed by showers. Scotland will be cold with rain, and the possibility of _______ (8) in the mountains in the North. Strong _______ (9) winds over all of the UK, and moderate to _______ (10) sea conditions. Maximum temperature - 10° _______ (11). The whole area will be overcast, with no rains but the possibility of _______ (12) in the South and West of England, and in Wales. Light west winds, and calm sea _______ (13) over the whole area. Maximum temperature - 15°centigrade.

  5. In Malta today it will be hot and sunny with temperatures up to 32 degrees _______ (14). Tomorrow will be windy but quite _______ (15), with a high of 28. On Friday, there will be a wet night with rain showers and a possibility of isolated _______ (16). It will be partly cloudy for most of Saturday morning, but these clouds should _______ (17) by mid-afternoon. In the evening, there will be a cool _______ (18). Skies should be clear on Sunday and the sun will be shining brightly, so make sure to wear _______ (19) clothes.

  1. TASK 47. You are going to listen to three weather reports.

  2. Step 1. Study the vocabulary which will help you understand the forecast

  • a high of twenty degrees

  • a low of - 25

  • 20 per cent chance of snow

  • mainly sunny

  • sunny with cloudy periods

  • record high/low

  • above/below average temperatures

  • a few flurries

  • 5-day forecast

  • temperatures are going to drop/dip/plunge (go down quickly)

  • temperatures are going to rise/soar/climb (go up quickly)

  • a warm/cold front is moving in (air from another region is arriving)

  • to bundle up = to wrap oneself with a lot of clothes