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Устная практика- задания (Меркулова) / World around us / CLIMATE, WEATHER, SEASONS – STUDENT’S BOOK UNITS 4-6.docx
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  1. In order to help yourself prepare the presentation, listen to the following sites and do all the activities in them:

  1. http://www.elllo.org/english/0901/Q950-Aiste-Summer.htm -  Life in Summer Aiste and Christophe discuss summer in their countries. + http://www.elllo.org/Worksheets/0901/950-Summer.pdf - script

  2. http://www.elllo.org/english/0901/Q949-Aiste-Winter.htm - Life in Winter Aiste and Christophe talks about winter in their countries. + http://www.elllo.org/Worksheets/0901/949-Winter.pdf - script

  3. http://www.elllo.org/english/MixSix/072B-Season.html - What is your favorite season?

  1. Unit 6: weather forecasts and weather reports

  2. TASK 43. Answer the questions below.

  1. How often do you check the weather forecast?

  2. How do you check the weather forecast? (The Internet, TV, the radio ...)

  3. Do you always check the weather forecast when you are planning a holiday/a trip/a picnic? Why? Why not?

  4. Do you understand all the terminology used when weather people give the weather forecast?

  5. Can you read and understand weather maps along with all the signs and symbols?

  6. How much do you "trust" weather forecasts? How often is it wrong?

  7. Tell your partner about an incident when the wrong weather forecast ruined your plans.

  1. TASK 44. You are going to read a blog entry about Prince Charles’ experience as a weatherman and watch a video clip when he reads the weather forecast for Scotland.

  2. Step 1. Study the vocabulary which will help you understand the forecast read by Prince Charles.

  • unsettled = changeable: the weather will be changing a lot – sometimes good, sometimes bad under the influence

  • we are experiencing = we are having

  • a weather front = a body of weather: we can also say ‘a cold front’ or ‘a warm front’

  • outbreaks of rain = rain that starts suddenly, and usually does not last for a long time

  • difficult conditions on the roads = not easy to drive because of the amount of water

  • patchier = small bursts of rain, only in some areas

  • drier interludes = small periods of time without rain

  • flurries = short periods of rain in windy conditions

  • hazy sunshine = a hazy sun

  • brisk = fast and strong

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