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Teaching Problem

Task 1.

Patient 40 years complains of hematuria, weight loss of 3 kg. He considers himself a patient for 2 years. OBJECTIVE: general condition is satisfactory. With side of the chest and abdominal pathology were detected. What are pathognomonic sim p volumes of this disease?

A. The general condition of the patient.

C. Duration of the disease.

C. Complaints.

D. Objective picture.

E. Age of the patient.


Task 2

Patient S. 30. During the ultrasound on the right side wall of the bladder revealed the formation of up to 5 cm in diameter. There is expansion in a bowl right HN p ki and right ureter. Your diagnosis.?

A. Cancer of the bladder with a block of the right ureter.

B. Simultaneous cancer of the bladder and right kidney.

C. Papilloma of the bladder.

D. Papilloma of the bladder and right hydronephrosis.

E. Stone mouth right ureter.


Task 3

The patient III, 40 years old, while cystoscopy revealed papilomatozne formation to 0.5 cm on the narrow basis on the right side wall of the bladder. What is the treatment of teak and k?

A. Transurethral resection of vnutrshnomihurovoyu chemotherapy.

B. Resection of the bladder.

C. Cystectomy.

D. Vnutrishnomihurna chemotherapy.

E. Radiotherapy.


Problem 4.

Patient S. '40 bladder cancer. During surgery, found m e tastazy in lymph nodes on both sides up to 3 cm in diameter. Ureter not ro with shyreni. What treatment is shown to the patient?

A. Palliative radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

B. Cystectomy + lymphadenectomy.

C. Cystectomy + + lymphadenectomy radiotherapy

D. Cystectomy lymphadenectomy + + radiotherapy + chemotherapy.

E. Chemotherapy.


Problem 5.

The patient K.36 years during ultrasound revealed a tumor of the bladder, while X-ray of the chest cavity - lung metastases. What treatment is shown at p patient?

A. Chemotherapy + radiotherapy

B. Resection of Bladder + lung resection

C. Resection of Bladder + chemotherapy

D. Resection of Bladder + chemotherapy + radiotherapy

E. Symptomatic treatment



Problem 6

Patient S. '40 revealed a tumor of the bladder to 5 cm at prophecy becomes mucous and muscular layer. Lymph nodes were not enlarged. What treatment but showing a patient?

A. Cystectomy + plastic bladder

B. Cystectomy + ureterokutaneoneostomiya

C. Transurethral resection

D. Chemotherapy + radiotherapy

E. Resection of the bladder.


Problem 7.

Patient K., 40 years old, turned into pain in the lumbar area of business, heme and round. During the inspection determined the expansion of superficial veins of abdominal century and nky. During palpation formation in the abdominal cavity there. Your previous railway and ahnoz.?

A. Cancer of the right kidney with thrombus in the vein empty

B. Cirrhosis.

C. Right pyelonephritis.

D. Chronic hepatitis.

E. Kidney tumor with liver metastases.


Task 8

Patient C, 40 years old, taken urine - 4.3 leukocytes in sight, AD t ROCIT - to ¼ in sight. During abdominal palpation palpable movable bezboli with no education. Your dia g noz?

A. Kidney cancer

B. Right paranefryt

C. Retroperitoneal tumor case

D. Stone bowls right kidney

E. Apostematoz right kidney


Problem 9.

Patient S., 30 years old with abdominal ultrasound revealed a tumor of the right kidney, extending to the lumbar muscles, grows in the right kidney. And in a spit at vein clot, fixed to the wall of the vein, its tip below diafr and GMI. What is the treatment strategy.?           A. Radical nephrotoxicity, Thrombectomy

B. Palliative nephrectomy

C. Radiotherapy.

D. Chemotherapy.

E. Immunochemotherapy


Problem 10.

Patient S., 40 years old, according to CT formation exists in the lower pole of the right kidney, up to 2 cm in diameter without clear boundaries. During a needle biopsy pu's Lynn cells were not found. What is the treatment strategy?:

A. Resection of the lower pole of the kidney

B. Observation

C. Right-hand nephrectomy

D. Radiotherapy

E. Immunochemotherapy


Problem 11.

Patient K., 36 years old, while X-ray of the chest revealed plans to Leni multiple metastases in both lungs. When abdominal ultrasound tumor occupies the entire right kidney, grows into the lumbar muscles. Tactics medication in the bathroom:

A. Palliative nephrectomy

B. Palliative radiotherapy

C. Palliative chemotherapy

D. Symptomatic therapy

E. Radiation Immunochemotherapy


Task 12

Patient S., 39 years old, complaining of difficulty urinating renal ultrasound revealed a tumor of the right kidney to 3 cm in diameter. What is not necessary to prov e sti study takes into ing complaint in this case?

A. Cystoscopy

B. Retrograde urography

C. Colposcopy

D. Ultrasound uterus

E. Rektoskopiyu


Standards of answers: 1 - C, 2 - A, 3 - A, 4 - D, 5 - B, 6 - E, 7 - A, 8 - A, 9 - A, 10 - A, 11 - E, 12 - B .


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