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were recorded (ironically, these newspapers are now quite rare due to the atrocious quality of cheap paper then in use, and to great losses in World War II era paper drives) At this period appeared the features of the modern newspaper, bold "banner" headlines, extensive use of illustrations, "funny pages," plus expanded coverage of organized sporting events. The rise of "yellow journalism" also marks this era. Hearst could truthfully boast that his newspapers manufactured the public clamor for war on Spain in 1898.

This is also the age of media consolidation, as many independent newspapers were swallowed up into powerful "chains"; with regrettable consequences for a once fearless and incorruptible press, many were reduced to vehicles for the distribution of the particular views of their owners, and so remained, without competing papers to challenge their viewpoints. By the 1910's, all the essential features of the recognizably modern newspaper had emerged. In our time, radio and television have gradually supplanted newspapers as the nation's primary information sources, so it may be difficult initially to appreciate the role that newspapers have played in our history.

3.2.4 Functions of Newspapers

Succinctly, newspaper helps to provide advantageous information on current affairs. Below are other advantages:

1.Newspapers help in doing genealogical searches for family and issues;

2Newspapers alert people on upcoming events in sports, community activities (concerts, parades, etc.), and politics (gives one an edge when considering the total candidate for whom to vote);

3.Newspapers provide platform for speaking out on issues of public importance. This could make someone relevant in national discourse;

4.It provides relaxation through cartoons, puzzles, jokes etc;

5.Newspapers help in locating job opportunities, searches on what to buy and so on.

Sambe (2005) highlights the following as functions of newspaper:

1.Newspapers inform readers objectively about what is happening in their community, country and the world;


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