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14.Выберите подходящее по смыслу слово из предлагаемых в скобках вариантов.

  1. The fashion for mini-skirt (increased | reduced) the demand for textile materials.

  2. Even in ( some |the same) middle-income countries many people are very poor.

  3. Government regulation sometimes (decrease | impose) a change in (technology | quantity) that producers do not want to use.

  4. Stabilization of prices is of great importance to industrial nations (as well as |as well) the Third World countries.

  5. Freeing up (освобождение ) prices leads to their (decrease |increase).

  6. ( Inferior | Normal) goods are usually low-quality goods for which there are higher- quality (improvements | substitutes) sold at higher prices.

  7. A decrease in (complement |input) prices makes the production less expensive.

15.Закончите предложения, использовав сравнительные конструкции со словами than или as

  1. The market is in equilibrium when the demanded quantity is as large…

  2. Prices rise when they are not so high…

  3. Prices rise when they are lower …

  4. We may have excess supply if prices are higher…

  5. The demand for inferior goods at high incomes will not be as high…

16.Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на слова some и same.

  1. At some price, which we call the “ equilibrium price”, the demanded quantity of a good equals the supplied quantity.

  2. All markets have the same economic function: they form prices equaling the quantities of goods that people wish to buy or to sell.

  3. There has been some rise of income n the past two decades in developing countries

  4. A less developed country is the same as a country of the Third World.

  5. An association is an organization formed by the people having the same interests and held together by a system of management.

  6. For the next twenty years the supply of energy will be limited in some sectors of the US economy.

  7. A consumer group is a small group of people living in the same place who study the prices and the quality of consumer goods sold in shops, and make the information known to the public.

  8. An improvement in technology is something that makes it possible for firms to produce more goods with the same quantity of inputs as before.

17. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на различные значения слова as и сочетаний с ним.

1. If the rise in prices is very large and quick, the situation is known as hyperinflation.

2. As to price ceilings, without government regulation and organization they may lead to "black market" as well as other social and economic problems.

3. Complement goods are those goods which you cannot use one without the other, such as cars and petrol. As the price for petrol rises, the de­mand for cars reduces.

4. Only when demand equals supply, people can buy or sell as much as they want.

5. Harvest failures (неурожаи) are the most important reason for changes in agricultural product supply, but there are other reasons as well.

6. Attempts to organize supply restrictions in coffee and cocoa have not been so effective as OPEC regulation of quantities of oil sold to other countries.

7. As the supply increases with an improvement in technology, firms want to produce more at the same price level as before.

8. Every firm wants to sell as many goods as possible.

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