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24. Перед Вами конверт.

(1) Eurofreight Ltd

49 Tenterlowe Lane


Middlesex (2) MU8 8DE

Mrs. Theresa Templeton

(3) Managing Director

(4) Glaxo Chemicals Ltd

237 (5) Sutton Common Road

(6) London SW11 3BY

Соотнесите информацию под определенным номером на конверте с тем, что она обозначает.

  1. ___ the city in the mailing address

  2. ___ the addressee’s position

  3. ___ the ZIP Code in the return address

  4. ___ the street in the mailing address

  5. ___ the writer’s company name

  6. ___ the addressee’s company name

25. Определите, к какому виду делового документа относится представленный ниже отрывок.


I would like to invite you to a seminar that I’m confident will interest you.

The 3D Technologies Seminar held at the Toronto SkyDome on June 13, 2010 will feature lectures by several key programmers and designers in the field of 3D modeling, with topics including trilinear filtering, anti-aliasing and mipmapping.


  1. Letter of enquiry / request

  2. Letter of invitation

  3. Letter of application

  4. Letter of complaint

26. Выберите слова или сочетания слов для заполнения пропусков так, чтобы они отражали особенности оформления служебной записки.

To : (1) ____, President, Bucknell University

(2) ___ : Bettner, Jensen & Zappe, Inc.

Subject : (3) ___

Date : March 11, 2010

In response to a recent study of higher education nationwide, Bettner, Jensen & Zappe, Inc. has completed extensive testing to determine how the information retention rates of students can be increased at Bucknell University. Results indicate that it would more effectively serve Bucknell students’ (4) ___ if the average length of each class were reduced from three hours/week, to two, thus allowing for more recreational time on the part of the professors.

  1. ___ From

  2. ___ academic needs

  3. ___ Request for decrease in class hours per week

  4. ___ William D. Adams

27. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания. Logic

(1) One of the more complex disciplines associated with the field of philosophy is logic. The term comes from the Greek word logos, which has such a variety of meanings that it becomes difficult to give a precise definition of logic. Among the meanings of logos are “reason,” “rule,” “discourse,” “sentence,” “word,” “ratio,” “account,” “rational principle,” and “definition.” Because of the number of possible interpretations, the subject matter of logic has variously been defined as “the laws of thought,” “the rules of right reasoning,” “the principles of valid argumentation,” and “the study of truths (true statements) based solely on the terms they contain.”

(2) The last definition, and probably the least known one, implies the curious notion that the “facts” of logic need not necessarily coincide with the everyday realities of life. If a statement, or proposition, is analyzed solely within itself, the statement may be logically true even when contradicted by sense, experience, or knowledge. Or it may be logically true, even if the facts it presents are doubtful or uncertain. As an example, the philosopher Aristotle used the following proposition as a simple, logical truth: “If sight is perception, the objects of sight are objects of perception.” One can grasp the truth of the statement, regardless what opinions he holds about the relationship of sight and perception. This is a very simple “if-then” proposition. If, within its own terms only, the “if” statement is true, it follows that the “then” statement is true. Thus even a seemingly ridiculous statement such as “If all animals are purple, then cows are purple,” is correct in its reasoning.

(3) Such a use of so-called true statements, without regard for the everyday realities, may seem frivolous and insignificant. In fact, such logic, which moves from premise to premise in a strict and logical sequence, is quite useful in the areas of computer science and mathematics. A computer will execute a program if the statements are in a prescribed order and correctly stated with regard to the capabilities of the computer. The statements themselves may be totally untrue in terms of factual knowledge, or they may be completely true. Among other things, this allows people who use computers to have them answer “what-if” sorts of problems.

(4) In mathematics virtually all argumentation is carried out in logical terms. The truth of a mathematical proposition has no necessary relation to the wider world of truth or knowledge. What matters is moving correctly from one premise to the next in precise, sequential order. Only in this way can the abstract statements of mathematics be demonstrated as true. The techniques used in mathematical logic have been adapted by other sciences, particularly physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

(Britannica Student Encyclopedia Library)

Определите, является ли утверждение:

There are a lot of meanings for the Greek word “logos”, but nowadays the main subject of logic as a science is the principles and rules of proper thinking.

  1. в тексте нет информации

  2. ложным

  3. истинным

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