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28. Определите, является ли утверждение:

In 2009, international tourist arrivals dropped.

  1. истинным

  2. ложным

  3. в тексте нет информации

29. Определите, является ли утверждение:

The ten most visited countries are located on the European continent.

  1. истинным

  2. ложным

  3. в тексте нет информации

30. Определите, является ли утверждение:

In 2009, the UK occupied the eighth place among the top ten tourism earners.

  1. истинным

  2. ложным

  3. в тексте нет информации

31. Укажите, какой части текста (1, 2, 3, 4) соответствует следующая информация:

Tourism is essential for many countries.

  1. 2

  2. 3

  3. 1

  4. 4

32. Укажите, какой части текста (1, 2, 3, 4) соответствует следующая информация:

The U.S.displacedSpainfrom the second place in the list of the most visited countries.

  1. 3

  2. 2

  3. 4

  4. 1

33. Ответьте на вопрос.

What are the service industriesassociated with tourism?

  1. These service industries include transportation,hospitality, and entertainment services.

  2. These service industries include air transportation services,accommodations, includinghotelsandresorts, and entertainment venues.

  3. These service industries include sea transportation services,hospitality services, and entertainment venues.

  4. These service industries include transportation services,hospitality services, such asaccommodations, includinghotelsandresorts, andamusement parks.

34. Определите основную идею текста.

  1. Tourism is one the most popular global leisure activities.

  2. As a result of the late-2000s recession, internationaltravel demandsuffered a strong slowdown.

  3. International tourism receipts grew to US$944 billion in 2008, corresponding to an increase in real terms of 1.8% from 2007.

  4. In 2009, Russia occupied the ninth place among the top ten biggest spenders on international tourism.

Тест № 7

1. Заполните пропуск.

… are the main institutions that provide higher education in the UK.

  1. Colleges and high schools

  2. Colleges

  3. High schools

  4. Colleges and universities

2. Заполните пропуск.

The company has decided … the meeting as it is no longer interested in the project.

  1. to transfer

  2. to obey

  3. to commence

  4. to cancel

3. Заполните пропуск.

School readiness refers to the extent to which a child exhibits the …, skills, and knowledge necessary to be successful in elementary school.

  1. behaviour

  2. identity

  3. progress

  4. activity

4. Заполните пропуск.

… is a collection of work that demonstrates and documents the student’s learning progress over time.

  1. Schoolbag

  2. Briefcase

  3. Portfolio

  4. Folder

5. Заполните пропуск.

Two related … principles underlie the operation of generators and motors.

  1. physics

  2. physical

  3. physic

  4. physicist

6. Заполните пропуск.

She didn’t tell … about her plans.

  1. nobody

  2. somebody

  3. anybody

  4. no one

7. Заполните пропуск.

Frank told me that since he retired he feels … energetic than he used to.

  1. much more

  2. the more

  3. much

  4. the most

8. Заполните пропуск.

Would you like … apple?

  1. the

  2. an

  3. a

  4. -

9. Заполните пропуск.

In some European states, culture is very closely linked … nationalism.

  1. between

  2. to

  3. in

  4. around

10. Заполните пропуск.

There was nothing else to do … to agree.

  1. but

  2. or

  3. whether

  4. as

11. Заполните пропуск.

The speaker … for very long when he was interrupted.

  1. didn’t talk

  2. hasn’t talk

  3. doesn’t talk

  4. hadn’t been talking

12. Заполните пропуск.

I came … if you had any news of our friends.

  1. ask

  2. asking

  3. to ask

  4. to have asked

13. Заполните пропуск.

How rude – I was in the middle of telling her a story and she just … !

  1. hung up

  2. hung back

  3. hung out

  4. hung in

14. Заполните пропуск.

She … leave the hospital next week.

  1. will can

  2. will be able

  3. will be able to

  4. can to

15. Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения.

Emily: I bought some great house plants yesterday.

Maria: ____________

  1. That’s nice of you to say so.

  2. Really? Do you have a lot of sunlight in your house?

  3. It was a silly thing to do.

  4. Well, it’s time for me to leave.

16. Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения.

Manager 1: What did we cover in the meeting last week?

Manager 2: ______________

  1. Why should I know?

  2. I like that book cover too.

  3. The boss is looking for you.

  4. We took a look at the sales figures.

17. Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения.

Student: __________

Professor: Yes, I have a few minutes now. What did I write on it?

  1. Should I rewrite my essay?

  2. Do you have time? I want to know what is wrong with my essay.

  3. Would you have a minute? Could I just ask you about the comment you wrote on my last essay?

  4. What about a minute for me? Is my essay OK?

18. Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения.

Waitress: __________

Bill Nichols: Yes, I am thank you. I’ll have three scrambled eggs with country ham, toast and jam, please.

  1. Good morning. You are going to leave, aren’t you?

  2. Good morning. Are you ready to order?

  3. I’m all ears. And you?

  4. This table is reserved.

19. Заполните пропуск.

Since 1065 English monarchs have traditionally been crowned at …

  1. Westminster Abbey

  2. Buckingham Palace

  3. the Tower of London

  4. St. Paul’s Cathedral

20. Заполните пропуск.

The first Europeans to settle Manhattan were … .

  1. the Dutch

  2. the Spaniards

  3. the English

  4. the Italians

21. Заполните пропуск.

The name “Canada” comes from … .

  1. the Inuit word meaning country.

  2. the German word meaning unity.

  3. the Metis word meaning peace.

  4. the First Nations word “kanata” meaning village.

22. Заполните пропуск.

Charles Mackintosh, a Scottish chemist, invented … .

  1. an umbrella

  2. waterproof fabrics used for raincoats

  3. rubbers

  4. galoshes

23. Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке.

(1) James T Brown

Sales Manager

(2) Dear Ms Philips

(3) Thank you for your letter of 22 January enquiring about our translation services.

Lingua Services Galactic offer a full range of translation services to help you in the development of sales literature and web sites. I have pleasure in enclosing our latest brochures and price list from which you can see that our prices are highly competitive.

(4) Lingua Services Galactic Ltd

69 Milk Street, LONDON SW7 6AW, UK

Tel: +44 20 123 4567 Fax: +44 20 765 4321

Email: info@linguaservicesgalactic.com

(5) Enc. 3

(6) Ms Andrea Philips

Dreamtime Movies Universal Ltd

54 Oxford Road



(7) I look forward to calling you in a few days.

Yours sincerely,

(8) 16 November 2010

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