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Idiom Drills - английские идиомы - диалоги, упражнения, тексты.pdf
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1.Jim's parents are always...to do his homework.

2.When everyone does..., the work isn't difficult.

3.When Bill finds someone who likes golf, he's really....

4.Rita...a brilliant idea for the club's next party.

5.Jack has good suggestions, but he never....

6.Are you going to see John? Please....

Drill 29


A:Tell me exactly what Bob said. Don't beat around the bush. Give it to me straight from the shoulder.

B:Hold your horses! I'll tell you in a minute. Let me catch my breath.

A:You can do that later. Tell me. What did Bob say?

B:Do you really want to know?

A:Of course I do.

B:Okay. If you really want to know. He said you always try to pull the wool over his eyes.

A:What? That's not true! Perhaps I exaggerate a little. But that's all. I've never tried to deceive him.

B:Why don't you do what I do?

A:What's that?

B:Take his remark with a grain of salt.


beat around the bush — speak indirectly, evasively

I wish Albert would say what he really means and not always beat around the bush. straight from the shoulder — frankly

I prefer a person who speaks straight from the shoulder, because then I know exactly what he means.

hold one's horses — wait patiently instead of going forward

When Betty insisted that they leave immediately, Jeff told her to hold her horses, since there was plenty of time before their plane left.

catch one's breath — rest for a moment

When Mrs. Brewster reached the top of the hill, she was so tired she had to stop for a moment and catch her breath.

pull the wool over someone's eyes — deceive someone

Ethel was sure that Robert was pulling the wool over her eyes when he said he'd been in the library studying all evening.

take something with a grain of salt — only half believe something someone has said

Jack is a very likable fellow, but I've learned to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Substitution drill

Repeat the following sentences, using the substitutions listed.

1. Tell me the truth! Don't beat around the bush. Come to the point!

Be truthful now!

Tell us what happened! Repeat every word!

Answer me honestly!

Be direct!

2.Give it to me straight from the shoulder. us,




George, Eleanor

3.Hold your horses. I'll tell you in a minute. I'll explain everything.

I'll answer all your questions. I'll find your book for you. I'll get your money right now. I'll sign the papers soon.

I'll tell them what happened.

4.Let me catch my breath before I tell you. answer.

go any further.

explain what happened. run any farther.

try to speak. reply.

5.He said you tried to pull the wool over his eyes. she,




we, I

6.Take it with a grain of salt. That's what Bob does. That's the wise thing.

That's the best way. That's what I do. That's more sensible. That's more realistic. That's what I suggest.

Homework exercise

Answer these questions.

1.Do you like people who speak straight from the shoulder?

2.How do you express the idea of 'Hold your horses!' in your language?

3.Why do people often beat around the bush?

4.Did you ever try to pull the wool over someone's eyes?

5.Do you think it's a good idea to take what other people say with a grain of salt?

6.Do you have to catch your breath after you climb a hill?