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He asked to borrow some money. She ruined her stockings.

The boss wouldn't give him a raise. At the last minute Ben couldn't pay. I couldn't remember the answer.

6. I'm glad I took a stand with Aunt Rose. my brother-in-law.

my co-worker.

the telephone company. that salesman.

that government official. those students.

Homework exercise

Write a short composition about one of these situations:

1.A time when you had words with someone

2.A time when you put your foot in it

3.A time when you felt like saying 'That's the last straw!'

Drill 15


A:Good afternoon. May I help you?

B:Thank you. I need some gloves for skiing. I've already been to three stores. So far I haven't found anything I like.

A:Perhaps this pair will serve your purpose.

B:These look good. In fact, they're the best ones I've seen yet. They're quite expensive, though. Frankly, I draw the line at spending much for gloves.

A:Are you in a hurry for them? Can you wait a few days?

B:I suppose so. But why?

A:We're having a sale. Next week these gloves will be half price. Why don't you wait?

B:So much the better. Of course I'll wait. Thanks for telling me.

A:Think nothing of it.


so far — until now

I've been on a dirt for two weeks, but so far I haven't lost any weight. serve someone's purpose — be useful to someone for a certain purpose I prefer cream for this recipe, but milk will serve my purpose.

in fact — actually really

Yes, I know Robert Johnson. In fact, he's my cousin.

draw the line — refuse to go beyond a certain point in doing something

I'll pay for my wife's ticket to that lecture on modern art, but I draw the line at attending with her! so much the better — that's even better

Jeanne is delighted to come to our party if she insists on bringing a cake, so much the better. Think nothing of it. — forget it don't worry about it that's all right

A:I'm sorry I forgot to bring your book.

B:That's all right. Think nothing of it.

Substitution drill

Repeat the following sentences, using the substitutions listed.

1.So far I haven't found anything I like. he hasn't told us what happened.

she hasn't insisted on leaving. they haven't explained it to us. we haven't bought any of those. Bill hasn't given me a present.

Ellen hasn't wanted to go with us.

2.Perhaps this pair will serve your purpose. Maybe this shirt

I think these gloves I believe that coat It's possible this hat I hope these buttons I doubt that this cap

3.In fact, they're the best gloves I've seen yet. these shoes are excellent.

he's a very good teacher. Tom's the best worker we have, she's my wife's sister.

I have that book right here.

he was a good friend of my father's.

4.I draw the line at spending much money on a tie. going so far just to see a movie.

accepting so much responsibility. taking all of them.

buying one of each kind. preparing lunch for them. telling a lie about it.

5.If the gloves will be half price, so much the better. If Jim can go there with us,

If you're used to studying hard, If we have enough for everyone, If they can pay for it with cash,

If Caroline wants to take care of it,

If Bob understands what needs to be done,

6.student 1: Thanks for telling me. student 2: Think nothing of it. I appreciate your help.

I'm grateful to you. Thank you for the gift.

Thanks for the information.

We don't know how to thank you. I appreciate all you've done for us.