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it's much too late to go. he's completely wrong. you have a fine plan.

5.I can't tell those dances apart. the twins

those two boys these coats your aunts their two cars her paintings

6.We decided to go Dutch. They

Bill and Jeanne The two students

The group of teachers June and Henry

The three girls

Homework exercise

Write a brief paragraph on one of these subjects:

Going Dutch

A sport I go in for

Modern dancing is in keeping with the times

Drill 19


A:Someone named Cooper phoned this afternoon. He left word for you to call him. He's at the Biltmore Hotel. You can get in touch with him there.

B:That's my old friend, Dave Cooper. I knew he was coming to town. I didn't expect him today, though. I must have got mixed up on the dates.

A:Shall we ask him to our party tonight?

B:I'd like to. But we've already invited fifty people. And the apartment is rather small.

A:Don't worry. We can always make room for one more.

B:That's true. And the other guests will like Dave. He's very friendly.

A:Be sure to tell him not to dress up. It's an informalparty, you know.

B:Okay. I'll go get Dave in the car. He doesn't know this city. He might lose his way coming alone.


leave word — leave a message

Ralph had to go, but he left word that you should meet him at the hotel.

get in touch with someone — communicate with someone by phone, telegraph, mail, etc. I can't talk with you now, but I'll get in touch with you this evening by phone.

get mixed up — become confused

Nancy has six children, and I always get mixed up on their names. make room for something, someone — allow space for arrange space for

There were already three people on the sofa, but they moved over and made room for me to sit down.

dress up — put on one's best clothes

When Celia dresses up, she is more beautiful than a movie actress.

lose one's way — go in the wrong direction in trying to find a place and become lost I'm sorry to be late, but I lost my way I went east instead of west.

Substitution drill

Repeat the following sentences, using the substitutions listed.

1.Dave left word for you to call him. go directly to Boston.

give Bill the money. send him the book. meet him at the theater. sign these papers.

be at the office at eight o'clock.

2.I got mixed up on the dates. hour.

day of the week. time.

place to meet. directions.

best way to get here.

3.You can get in touch with Dave at the hotel. by phone.

at his office. by telegram. by letter. tomorrow. downtown.

4.We can always make room for one more. another person.

two more. a few more.

an extra one or two. you.

someone like Tina.

5.Tell Dave not to dress up for the party.

the picnic the dance our dinner

Mary's beach party the trip to the museum the day on the boat

6. He might lose his way coming alone. driving his car.

taking the bus.