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Idiom Drills - английские идиомы - диалоги, упражнения, тексты.pdf
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Jerry's driving. Bill's politics. your clothes.

Frank's decision.

what you said. Harry's joke.

6. I'll bet Jerry could eat his words now.


Idon't doubt, I'm sure,

Ifeel certain,

Ihave a feeling, I've no doubt that

Homework exercise

Tell about a time when you

1.lost your temper 2.felt ill at ease

3.had to eat your words 4.got on your high horse

Drill 28


A:No one in our club works harder than Jeanne. She's al-ways glad to do her bit.

B:All organizations are like that. A few members do every-thing. The other just want to have fun.

A:Of course, Jeanne prefers it that way. She's in her element when she's working hard.

B:Her sister Rita is quite different. She comes up with excellent ideas. But she never carries them out. Even when Jeanne gets after her.

A:There's a special meeting at the club tonight. Are you going?

B:I can't. I already have another meeting to attend. Remember me to everyone if you go.


do one's bit — fulfill one's responsibility to help accomplish something

If everyone who offered to help would come and do his bit, we could finish this job in an hour. in one's element — doing something one likes and is capable of doing very well

Look at Norman! He's in his element when he's arguing politics! come up with — suggest, contribute, introduce

When the teacher asked what the capital of California was, only one student could come up with the right city.

get after someone — tell someone to do something you feel he should do

Every time Professor Jackson goes out into the rain, his wife has to get after him to carry his umbrella.

carry something out — fulfill see that something is done

One good thing about Clarence he not only has good ideas, but he carries them out, too. remember someone to someone else — tell someone to say hello to another person for you Remember me to your brother when you see him.

Substitution drill

Repeat the following sentences, using the substitutions listed.

1.Jeanne is always glad to do her bit. Mary's always delighted

Phyllis is happy

Nancy can be counted on Patricia never fails Marie has promised

Eva says she'll try

2.She's in her element when she's working hard. teaching English.

studying languages. cleaning house. baking pies. cooking stew. knitting a sweater.

3.Rita comes up with excellent ideas.

fresh ideas.

interesting observations. intelligent comments. funny remarks.

unusual words. brilliant thoughts.

4.She never carries out her ideas. her plans.

her promises. our programs. Bill's suggestions. his orders.

my requests.

5.Jeanne gets after her to work. study.

practice English. exercise.

sing in the chorus. take up painting.

6.Please remember me to everyone. your wife,

your brother, Alex and Anne, the Browns, your sister, Professor Miller

Homework exercise

Fill in the blanks.