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5.They seem bent on winning every game. spending all their money

finding hidden treasure telling everybody about it giving us their dog

asking everyone to the party buying a new house

6.In the long run they'll do all right.

we'll earn a lot of money she'll be glad she went he'll wish he'd studied I'll learn the truth.

Homework exercise

Write a short Dialogue using at least three of the idioms in this lesson. Be prepared to recite it in class with the help of one of the other students.

Drill 23


A:I've just heard a speech by the governor. He's an excellent speaker.

B:Yes, he's a good man. I like him. Although I don't al-ways see eye to eye with him.

A:There's one good thing about him: he isn't behind the times. He knows this is the twentieth century.

B:I like the way he got right down to business. He's a man of action. Right from the start.

A:That's true. He made a point of going to work immediately.

B:He's very independent. He doesn't rely on others. He finds out everything firsthand. Then he takes steps to improve the situation.

A:He's the right man for the job.


see eye to eye — to agree

I agree with the president on domestic matters, but I don't see eye to eye with him on foreign policy.

be behind the times — not be up-to-date, modern in one's thinking He's not a good teacher. He's behind the times in his methods. get right down to something — begin working without hesitation

After the chairman opened the meeting, the committee got right down to business. make a point of something — do or say something with a definite intention

When Professor Gray greeted me, he made a point of asking how my parents were. firsthand — without assistance from an intermediary direct

What I'm telling you is firsthand information I didn't hear it from someone else. take steps — prepare for something and put it into action

The crime in that city became a serious problem. The police had to take steps to correct it.

Substitution drill

Repeat the following sentences, using the substitutions listed.

1.I don't always see eye to eye with the governor. the president

the mayor

that newspaper the teacher your brother my wife

2.The governor isn't behind the times.






The president

3.I like the way he got right down to business. the mayor

the committee the United Nations

the board of directors Congress

the teacher

4.He made a point of going right to work. learning everybody's name

emembering to call me signing all the letters telling us to come looking at it himself sending his car for us

5.He learns everything he can firsthand.

He gets all his information He found out all about it They learned how to do it She studied the details

I always try to learn things

We do best when we study things

6. The mayor took steps to do better. improve his methods

learn the truth get the real facts

investigate the situation modernize the city

form a good government