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Chapters 1-2

I. Translate into English:

  • научиться состраданию к кому-то;

  • новости на первой странице газеты;

  • быть замешанным в десятках преступлений;

  • поставить на колени;

  • быть избранным губернатором;

  • завести будильник;

  • быть на побегушках;

  • окружать (осаждать) репортерами;

  • быть хорошим знаком (предзнаменованием);

  • быть страшно испуганным.

II. Interpret the following:

  • “He went through life as though he were five minutes late for the appointment” (p.16);

  • “One by one, every loop-hole had been closed” (p.17);

  • “In cases where important Mafia figures were involved, jurors had been known to disappear or to have unexplained fatal accidents” (p.17);

  • “She had gotten a run in her stocking when she broke the heel of her shoe” (p.18);

  • “You are going to bury your noses in legal research” (p.20);

  • “The real law that dealt with human beings and their follies” (p.20);

  • “The court stands adjourned until two o’clock” (p.25);

  • “Five seconds later Jennifer Parker found herself being grabbed, handcuffed and placed under arrest” (p.28).

III. Give a good literary translation of the following:

  • “The lion attacking him was … late for an appointment” (ch.1, p.16);

  • “Jennifer Parker was a slender, dark-haired girl … a face that would be hard to forget” (ch.1, p.18);

  • “There were fifteen rows of spectators’ benches on each side of the rear area … heart of freedom” (ch.2, p. 27);

  • “I want her held for obstructing justice … He was incoherent with rage” (ch.2, p.31);

  • “Whatever the motivation, … proceedings against you” (ch.2, p.31).

IV. Comment on the following:

  • “The lion attacking him was Robert Di Silva, the fiery District Attorney for the County of New York” (p.16);

  • “It is an ordinary courtroom – but it’s the heart of freedom” (p.27);

  • “If citizens were ever denied the right to a trial by jury, then America would cease to exist as a free nation” (p.28);

  • “The yellow canary on the desk had said it all” (p.31).

Chapter 3

I. Translate into English:

  • убежать, спастись бегством;

  • глубоко укоренившееся чувство справедливости;

  • ходить на свидания;

  • учитель и наставник;

  • прекратить делать что-либо;

  • изучать объявления «требуется на работу»;

  • быть загадкой;

  • быть просроченным (о векселе, долге и т.д.);

  • уговорить кого-либо вернуться;

  • стоить много денег.

II. Interpret the following:

  • “They were hammering at her from all sides” (p.32);

  • “He (Abner Parker) was a compassionate man with a deep-rooted sense of justice” (p.34);

  • “Jennifer was absorbed in lawsuits and wills” (p.34);

  • “For the first time in her life Jennifer was overwhelmed with a sense of desperation” (p.38);

  • “It took her four days to realize that she was the pariah of the legal profession” (p.39);

  • “The catch was that that took money” (p.40);

  • “Now that Jennifer had office space, the only thing she lacked was clients” (p.43);

  • “He was dressed in a tailored suit that must have cost a fortune” (p.47).

III. Give a good literary translation of the following:

  • “When she was graduated she … and got a job at the Law Library” (p.35);

  • “She stayed locked in her apartment all day, … mirrored in her eyes” (p.38);

  • “Jennifer kept telephoning prospective employers, … to practice her profession” (p. 39).

IV. Comment on the following:

  • “Jennifer Parker was not only on the evening news – she was the evening news” (p.32);

  • “Half of the lawyers believed she had been bribed by the Mafia, and the other half that she had been an innocent dupe” (p.33);

  • “It took seven years for his heart to stop beating, but he (Abner Parker) was dead from the moment he heard the news about his wife” (p.34);

  • “At first Jennifer was convinced that he (Ken Bailey) was a con man; making extravagant promises and collecting large advances” (p.43);

  • “Who can figure women out?” (p.45);

  • There is one law for the rich and another for the poor.

Chapter 4

I. Translate into English:

  • испытать чувство восторга, неминуемой радости;

  • брать на себя ответственность;

  • услуга за услугу;

  • искать слова;

  • отделаться, избавиться от какого-либо дела;

  • по слухам, ходят слухи;

  • поверить на слово;

  • стараться из всех сил сделать что-либо;

  • комок в горле;

  • быть благодарным кому-либо.

II. Interpret the following:

  • “He preferred to remain in the background and use in his considerable influence to affect the outcome of legislation, high government appointments and national politics” (p.49);

  • “He had been married to Mary Beth for fourteen years and did not approve of extramarital affairs” (p.50);

  • “We have a couple of dozen young lawyers around here who could handle this” (p.51);

  • “Wouldn’t you say that went beyond the bounds of stupidity” (p.52);

  • “He knew where the bodies were buried and he knew how to squeeze the most out of that information” (p.55);

  • “No matter how much he pretended, the charming man seated opposite her was the enemy” (p.59).

III. Give a good literary translation of the following:

  • “Late that afternoon Adam Warner was … had prosecuted the case flawlessly” (p.52);

  • “There were thirty more pages of transcript. … Tomorrow he would dispose of the Jennifer Parker matter” (p.54);

  • “Meaning Jennifer Parker … the tone of Jennifer Parker’s voice when he denied her guilt” (p.55);

  • “He was all too familiar with the long, … there was justification” (p.55).

IV. Comment on the following:

  • “… there was a pleasure in power” (p.51);

  • “I’m not going to let you twist my words around” (p.53);

  • “Her story was so transparently naïve that it had a ring of truth about it” (p.54);

  • “Unless Jennifer Parker was the most consummate actress who ever lived …” (p.56);

  • Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Chapter 5

I. Translate into English:

  • быть способным и начитанным;

  • уничтожить кого-либо;

  • уступать в чем-то;

  • иметь недостатки;

  • посмотреть на кого-либо другими глазами;

  • подонки общества;

  • неприспособленные к жизни люди;

  • сдаваться;

  • улаживать дела;

  • дело, которое широко освещается в прессе.

II. Interpret the following:

  • “It was as though he had resigned himself to being a failure and was afraid to try for success” (p.64);

  • “He was a bodyguard-butler who keeps everyone away” (p.65);

  • “All the evidence against her was circumstantial, Robert. She was I in the wrong place at the wrong time and she got mousetrapped. That doesn’t spell Mafia to me” (p.68);

  • “Most of Jennifer’s clients were unimportant, but the education was priceless” (p.73);

  • “The majority of clients who cam to Jennifer’s office were people who had been ground down by poverty, the system, themselves. They were peple who had long since surrendered” (p.75);

  • “She couldn’t afford to become involved in a highly publicized case that she had no chance of winning” (p.78).

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