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Social work – the expression accepted all over the world designating display of the humane relation to the person. It has arisen during bible times as charity, a religious debt of the person, as system of humanitarian services to requiring people. However only in the last century social work has been recognized by the independent trade demanding special preparation.

The first schools on preparation of social workers have appeared in countries of Western Europe and the USA in the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX-th centuries. And today already nobody imagines the world without social workers. The experience which has been saved up in sphere of social work, existing abroad already more than hundred years, is various and many-sided.

The primary goal of an offered course – to expand representations of experts, students about the social work which contours in Russia are for the present looked through insufficiently clearly. Besides, acquaintance to social work abroad will allow to learn not only something new about activity of the foreign colleagues, but also to comprehend a private experience and knowledge, to plan new prospects for the further development of domestic social practice.

In the manual the material representing separate aspects of foreign experience of social work, connected both with social policy, and with direct is offered

social work with clients. Historical and comparative approaches are put in a basis of a statement of a material.

The manual structure includes four sections: «Bases of social work abroad», «the Basic models of social support of the population in the modern world», «Organizational forms of social work», «Social service of various groups of the population».In the first section political and social and economic preconditions of occurrence of social work as trades, development of schools of thought and theoretical models of practical social work, feature of vocational training of workers of social sphere, sphere of employment and the ethical problems arising in the course of activity are considered.

The material of the second section acquaints with models of social protection of the population in the European countries and the USA, history of their occurrence, opens the general and distinctive features.Most in detail in the given section systems of social protection of the population in Sweden and the USA are considered.

The third section is devoted the organisations of social work: state, private and voluntary. In it specificity of activity of these organisations, a role of everyone in social work, feature of interaction of the organisations of different types is considered at service the population.In the fourth section experiment of social work with various clients is shown. The services rendering services to a family and children, elderly and aged people, invalids, teenagers of group of risk are in detail enough considered.

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