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4. Translate the following passage from English into Russian.

Tourism may seem to assure those involved of untold riches, but in reality it can promise more than it delivers. For a start, it depends on a host of factors beyond our control – climate, economics, even politics. In addition, the success of a place as a tourist destination may lead to it losing the features that first attracted the tourists there – that is to say, its unspoiled landscape and welcoming people. But this does not seem to have slowed down the expansion of tourism. Rather the reverse – more and more countries are opening up their doors to the tourists. Not surprisingly, no place can remain untouched by time. Tourists may be the way out of a life of grinding poverty for people who can see no other hope and they naturally welcome the chance to give their children a better life than they had. So all things considered, it seems that tourism is here to stay – all over the planet.

From Proficiency Gold Coursebook by Jacky Newbrook and Judith Wilson

5. Translate the following passage from Russian into English.

Чтобы привлечь больше туристов, городские власти планируют построить новый аэропорт на острове. Большинство жителей острова ждут, когда планы начнут воплощаться в жизнь, хотя есть опасения, что возросшее количество туристов приведет к серьезным экологическим проблемам. Некоторые жители говорят, что водоснабжение неподходящее, чтобы справиться с большим количеством туристов, и никто не знает, будет ли достаточно мощности электрогенератора, чтобы обеспечивать новые отели, которые будут построены. Другие утверждают, что туризм уже принес хорошие доход и обеспечил рабочие места на острове и его нужно развивать. Ходят обнадеживающие слухи, что власти составляют планы строгого контроля и мониторинга развития туристического бизнеса.

Discuss the following questions in the group

1. How far do you consider that tourism is or can be “a place where cultured meet, a catalyst to international understanding and to the transfer of wealth from visitor to visited”? Give examples to support your opinion

2. What regulations would you introduce to try to bring about “more just and sustainable form of tourism”?

3. In what ways do you think people can benefit from foreign travel?


1. Write a balanced composition on the question “Is tourism beneficial or harmful to the world and its people”?

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