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Task 1. It’s an apple that hides the mandarin inside. As for me, it must symbolize two faces of economics and inside is a true one.

Task 2. According to the text, he supposes the idea that economics needs more interesting questions and he is able to ask them correctly.

Task 5. Make up 20 sentences with the words and word-combinations from the vocabulary.

  1. This event has frustrated all my plans.

  2. It’s a crucial question for our economy

  3. We need to shrink our expenses in nearest five years.

  4. A final outcome from the food industry was over 50000 units.

  5. It’s a drastic method for our corporation.

  6. The last spike in crime was in 1992.

  7. It had a widespread proliferation.

  8. If we take mortgage in nearest month it'll be profitable for us.

  9. We should align this suggestion with our boss.

  10. We anticipate that your boss would accept the rules of the game.

  11. It’s tending to reduce our situation at the market.

  12. This guy was really persistent.

  13. It was like insight, when I saw that book.

  14. The main incentive for our boss is to earn more money for the company.

  15. This progress was attributed to our department.

  16. There will be a contradiction in professional area.

  17. Sometimes we need to maximize our profit tenfold.

  18. It’s astounding that nothing bad has happened.

  19. We need more creative pool.

  20. The indispensable part of our work is to make people happier.

Task 6. Give as many word forms as possible using necessary suffixes.

Don’t forget about -noun suffixes indicating persons: -ER/OR/AR, -ANT, -IST

-suffixes of abstract nouns: -TION, -ANCE, -MENT, -NESS

-adjective suffixes : -ABLE/-IBLE, -FUL, -AL, -ATE, -LESS, -IVE

-adjective prefixes: -IN, -IM, -UN


Morality, moralize, morally


Maintainability, maintainable, maintaining.


Fabricated, fabricating, fabrication, fabricator.


Prediction, predictability, predictable, predicted, predicting, predictive, predictor.


Attributed, attribution, attributive.


Skilled, skillful.


Correlated, correlation, correlative, correlativity, correlator.


Assessable, assessment, assessor.


Persistence, persistency, persistent, persistently.


Explored, explorer, exploring, exploration, exploratory, explorative.


Confused, confusedly, confusing, confusion


Applying, applied.


Favorably, favorably, favorer, favorite


Treatability, treatable, treated, treating, treatment.


Fortuneless, fortuneless, fortunate, fortunately


Abusive, abused,


Countability, countable, countably, countdown,

Counter, countless.


Dispersible, disperse, dispersal, dispersible, dispersive.

Task 7.

1) Our plans are collapsing.

2) The number of participants declines every year.

3) Our profit increased dramatically.

4) This project is drastically expensive.

5) Quotations change fast because of instability on the market.

6) The annual income is considerably greater in this year than in the last year.

7) Analysts forecast further decrease of demand.

8) Gold prices will gradually come down.

9) We should react rapidly if we want to be leaders of the market.

10) The rise of the criminals was suppressed sharply.

11) Standards of well-being were significantly improved.

12) Adjustment of oil stocks slightly influenced on price per barrel.

13) Property value steadily increases.

14) This law substantially helps to regulate criminal activity.

15) Our company’s profit has magnified tenfold since 1995.

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