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I. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. How can an office worker rise to the top in a company?

  2. What may a junior executive do?

  3. Do you sometimes stay late in the evening in the office? Why?

  4. Do you get to your office in time?

  5. Do you sometimes go abroad on business?

  6. Do you often take part in the talks?

  7. What matters do you discuss during the talks?

  8. Do you speak to the foreign customers on the phone?

  9. Do you speak a foreign language with them?

  10. Do you often make business appointments?

  11. Do you think you will get a promotion some day?

  1. Match the questions with the answers.

  1. What do you like best about your job?

  2. How many hours a week do you work/study?

  3. When do you finish work/study?

  4. Do you meet your colleagues after work?

  5. What do you do in your free time?

  1. Usually about 6 o’clock.

  2. From time to time. We sometimes go for a meal.

  3. I play golf.

  4. I work flexible hours, which is great.

  5. Between 30 and 35 hours.

Work in pairs.

Useful Language:

Asking questions What do you do in your free time?

at the weekend?

after work?

How often do you …?

Do you like …?

Expressing feelings I like …

I’m keen on … I don’t like …

I really enjoy … He isn’t really keen on …

I’m interested in … She doesn’t enjoy …

We aren’t interested in …

III. Translate the following words from Russian into English.

Вести торговлю

рабочий день


быть заинтересованным

самый последний, новейший




условия оплаты

условия отгрузки

условия поставки



получать, принимать



заключать контракт

назначать встречу



IV. Translate the following words from English into Russian.

To do business

to discuss business

office hours

the latest political events

at the price of 20 dollars

to speak on the phone


much work

little mail

few offers

an enquiry for stationary

to sell smth. to smb.

to make an appointment with smb. for …

V. Translate the following sentences.

1. Мы ведем торговлю с разными странами.

2. Мы заинтересованы в предложении Smith & Co.

3. Нам бы хотелось получить самые последние каталоги вашей компании.

4. На переговорах мы обсуждаем все условия контракта.

5. Я часто разговариваю по телефону с нашими партнерами в Германии.

6. Какая погода на улице?

Reading for Interest

Pronounce V2 correctly, please.

Tobermory the Cat

One August afternoon, Lady Blemley was in her sitting-room. Some of her friends were with her. Their names were Miss Resker, Miss Pellington, Mrs. Cornett, and Mr. Cornelius Appin. Mr. Appin was a young man.

He said, ‘I can teach English to animals.’

‘Can you?’ asked Lady Blemley.

‘Yes. Your cat, Tobermory, can speak English now.’

Lady Blemley said to her husband, ‘Wilfred, get Tobermory, please.’

Sir Wilfred went out. He came back with Tobermory.

‘Where’s my milk?’ asked Tobermory.

Lady Blemley put some milk on the floor for him.

‘Tobermory, do you like me?’ asked Miss Resker.

‘I don’t think about you much,’ said Tobermory. ‘Sir Wilfred likes you. I saw you two in the garden this morning.’

Miss Resker’s face was red. Sir Wilfred’s was, too.

‘But you like me, Tobermory,’ said Miss Pellington.

‘Lady Blemley doesn’t like you,’ answered Tobermory.

‘Tobermory!’ said Lady Blemley. ‘She is my old friend!’

‘Perhaps,’ said Tobermory. ‘She is going to buy your car, isn’t she? It’s no good. Too old, like her.’

Lady Blemley’s face was red. Miss Pellington’s was, too.

‘Tobermory,’ said Mrs. Cornett. ‘Lady Blemley and Sir Wilfred are buying your food.’

‘They are buying yours too,’ said Tobermory. ‘You said, ‘I don’t like the Blemleys much, but their food is good.’

Mrs. Cornett’s face was red. Tobermory went out of the room.

‘Mr. Appin,’ said Lady Blemley, ‘can Tobermory teach English to all his cat friends?’

‘Yes,’ answered Mr Appin.

‘Then, Wilfred, we must …’

‘Yes,’ said Sir Wilfred. ‘Tonight.’

But Tobermory listened at the door. He went away and didn’t come back.

What would it be if domestic animals could speak?

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