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Had Better, Would Rather

Ex. 479. Read and translate the following sentences

I. I'd rather go for a walk in the rain than do nothing at all. 2. You'd better not say what makes you think so. 3. I'd rather be told the truth. 4. You'd rather not lie to me. 5. You had better do some revision work. 6. It would be better not to interfere. 7. I'd rather wear a sweater than a jacket. 8. I'd rather you didn't smoke in here. 9. We'd prefer you not to smoke, if you don't mind. 10. We'd rather you didn't say anything about it. II. You'd better get out your calculator and tot it up.

Ex. 480. Give advice according to the model

Model: I've lost my passport. You'd better get a new one. I'm feeling very tired. I'd rather go to bed.

1. I've got an awful toothache. 2. Your record-player is too loud. 3. It's too hot in here, too stuffy. 4. I'm putting on too much weight. 5. Please, don't speak about it! 6.1 received the bill over a month ago. 7. She wants a job in Spain but she can't speak Spanish. 8. Please don't interrupt me when I'm speaking to you. 9. They should book early if they want tickets for the concert. 10. My parents enjoy their jobs and don't want to retire. 11.1 don't want an orange, can I have an apple, please? 12. My brother prefers to live in an apartment than in a house. 13. It's freezing, I think I'll put on a coat and a cap. 14. Will you have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea right now? 15. You shouldn't spread that news! It's top secret.

Ex 481. Add correct question tags to the following statements

1. All the family took to him at once, ... ? 2. Don't interrupt and read your magazine, ... ? 3. There is no way to solve this problem, ... ? 4. Nothing nasty happened, ... ? 5. He delights in teasing her, ... ? 6. Just try to remake her herself, ... ? 7. They are on Christian terms, ... ? 8. You're coming, ... ? 9. He doesn't like jazz, ... ? 10. You won't tell anyone, ... ? 11. She didn't mean that, ... ? 12. Maxim hadn't been to a casino before,... ? 13. You've got some time to spare, ... ? 14. Shut the door, ... ? 15. Don't be late, ... ? 16. I'm right, ... ? 17. Nobody called me, ... ? 18. Everyone was very excited, ... ? 19.1 don't imagine he will turn into an ideal husband overnight, ... ? 20. She seems a bit nervy and unable to get out of her old habits, ... ? 21. But let us look on the optimistic side of things, ... ?

Ex. 482. Add correct question tags to the following statements with modal verbs

1. My parents must have guessed something, ... ? 2. They had to ask for your permission first, ... ? 3. You'd rather keep it a secret,... ? 4. She'd better end with him once and for all,... ? 5. Weddings in the old days used to be more showy,... ? 6. They might get along well,... ? 7. You should be in bed by now, ... ? 8. You can't speak Swahili, ... ? 9. You'd better answer the telephone, ... ? 10. You could always borrow the money, ... ? 11. Nothing could be better,... ? 12. It was to happen,... ? 13. You'd rather be staying at home,... ? 14. You shouldn't have made such a fuss, ... ? 15. My boss needs a new car, ... ? 16. We need to go at once, ... ? 17. England needed a strong king in that particular period, ... ? 18.1 may call you by your first name, ... ? 19. You shouldn't be able to help me out, ... ? 20. She used to read a story to her son before bedtime,... ?

Ex. 483. Read the texts, translate them and comment on the meanings of the modal verbs in bold type

I. The next morning everybody was waiting for Charlie to start opening his present. Charlie looked down at the bar of chocolate lovingly. How he wished there could be a Golden Ticket inside it! Then his mother said gently, "You mustn't be too disappointed, if you don't find what you're looking for, my dear. You really can't expect to be as lucky as all that." But the grown-ups knew that however small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance was there. The chance had to be there. Very slowly Charlie's fingers began to tear the wrapper, but when he did it there was no sign of a Golden Ticket.

II. "Did you love my Chocolate Factory, Charlie?" Mr. Wonka asked the boy. "Oh, yes, it's the most wonderful place in the world. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. Can it be really yours? It must have been a dream!". "I am very pleased to hear you say that", said Mr. Wonka, looking more serious than ever. "I have decided to make you a present of the factory. I have no children of my own, no family at all. Someone has to keep it going, I don't want a grown-up person at all. He wouldn't listen to me, he wouldn't learn. So I have to have a child, I want a good sensible boy, one whom I can tell all my most precious sweet-making secrets — while I am still alive. We must go at once and fetch the rest of your family. They can all live in the factory from now on! They can all help to run it until you are old enough to do it by yourself!"

III. Matilda knew she had to tell somebody about what had happened with the glass. She couldn't possibly keep the gigantic secret like that bottled up inside her. What she needed was just one person, wise and sympathetic, who could help her to understand the meaning of this extraordinary happening. She knew her parents almost certainly would fail to realize what an astonishing event had taken place that afternoon. So, the one person she would like to confide in was Miss Honey. Matilda said, "Please may I talk to you for a moment?" "Of course you may. What's troubling you?" "I made the glass tip over, and I did it with my eyes." Miss Honey did not think Matilda was meaning to tell a lie. "Could you do it again?" she asked, not unkindly. "I don't know," Matilda said, "but I think I might be able to." Miss Honey moved the now empty glass to the middle of the table. "Should I put water in it?" she asked, smiling a little. "I don't think it matters, but it may take some time." "Take all the time you want, I'm in no hurry." Miss Honey replied, smiling a little. "I have to stare at it very, very hard, and then I can feel it happening behind my eyes," the little girl explained.

(after R. Dahl)

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