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The Predicate

Ex. 614. Read and translate the sentences State the types of predicates in them

I. It takes a long time to learn a language. 2. My niece has been taking music lessons for a year already. 3. The storm started all of a sudden. 4. They started to work enthusiastically. 5. They stopped talking when the teacher entered the classroom. 6. He can't stop loving her. 7. Every year he met with his classmates. They would sit to table, have a special supper and remember the good old times. 8. When I was a schoolgirl, my mother used to give me a lift to the school. 9. Sue, dear, this young man must have been waiting for you outside for two hours already. 10. Bob looks like a punk. II. This novel was a bestseller last year. 12. Jessica looks elegant in the new suit. 13. She turned pale, the news was too bitter. 14. The strawberries look beautiful and taste delicious. I adore them. 15. Nora gave me an odd look. 16. Now we are having a very lazy time. 17. If I make a mistake, correct me. 18. He gave Henry a hearty wink and strode off.

Ex. 615. Say what parts of speech the predicatives are expressed by in the following sentences

1. This is a "cheer up" book. 2. The Renoirs in this museum are priceless. 3. Mrs. Norris is a great cat-lover. 4. This film was awfully funny. 5. You look great today! 6. The new manager is about thirty. 7. Chris became a computer whizz. 8. Your task is to find the right man to do the job. 9. I am scared, I really am. 10. It was them who did it. 11. The biggest problem in life is choosing. 12. It's getting cold. 13. He felt lonely. 14. This perfume smells fantastic! 15. Harry's mouth fell open as the full impact of what he was seeing hit him. 16. It's up to you. 17. My French is very rusty.

Ex. 616. Read and translate the sentences Comment on the difference between the words in bold type

1.1 feel good. I feel well. 2. The train arrived early. The train was early. 3. You look good in that hat. You look well as usual. 4. Yesterday was rainy. We met yesterday.

5. Home was a welcome sight. Do you want to go home?

6. Downtown is covered with smoke. She drives down­town every day. 7. Those were hard times. They do try hard. He was so weak, he could hardly walk. 8. We took a fast train. News travels pretty fast. 9. His is a fast car. How fast can you do it? 10. The exam was extremely hard. Think hard about what I'm offering. She had hardly any money. 11. He gave me a friendly smile. Ho smiled at me in a friendly way. 12. Richard has a high social status. That is a highly difficult sum. 13. The Volga is a deep river. We are deeply touched by your kindness. 14. No problem, I can do it easily. It's not an easy question.

Ex. 617. Comment on the types of predicates in the following sentences.

l.The show was entertaining. 2. The clown wa^ entertaining the children. 3. Who broke this news to you 4. He is completely broken today. 5. God knows I want to be free. 6. You can talk freely, we are all friends. 7. Let's get out of here, I'm freezing. 8. This pond usually freezes in winter. 9. The gardener explained that the stream had run dry some ten years before and the garden had run wild too. 10. They were shouting and fighting wildly. 11. The door stood open. 12. The book stood the test of time. 13. She feels uncertain about it. 14. We are still feeling our way. 15. Truant children run wild. 16. He runs his own business perfectly. 17. The question remains open.

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