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The secondary members of the sentence

The Object

Ex. 666. Point out the objects and say what kind they are

I. Tatyana gives music lessons to small children. 2.1 bought a painting for my living-room. 3. Put the child to bed. Tell him a story, sing him a song. 4. They gave their kids nice presents on Christmas. 5. The boy showed us his collection of stones. 6. They gave each student a copy of the text. 7. The secretary left a message for the manager. 8. Can you show me the new files? 9. The office got a new computer and a printer. 10. When you come to visit us, we'll show you all the sights of Moscow.

II. Thank you, you've asked me a good question. 12. Don't give the kids any more sweets. 13. I'd like to have a word with you. 14. The poet recited his new poems to the public. 15. The director promised me a promotion.

Ex. 667. A. Choose the preposition from the central column which fits the rest of the sentence

1. Give your share

2. Buy a drink

3. Do a favour

4. Reserve a table

5. Give all your money

6. Save a place

7. Offer a job

8. Pass the file

9. Spare something




the rest of the group.

a friend.


your grandchildren.


the best applicant.

the tutor.

all of us.

В. Replace the noun-phrase after the preposition with a pronoun Paraphrase the sentences according to the model

Model Give your share to Robert. Give him your share.

Ex. 668. Put the words in the correct order If necessary, add preposition for

1. The inspector refused to say / anybody / anything. 2. Would you like to read / the children / a bedtime story? 3. I have promised / a party / the children. 4. Don't tell / anything / the others.

5. Edward teaches / chemistry / students. 6. I shall have to report / this / the authorities. 7. The manager forgot to mention / his boss / the matter. 8. The Dean explained / the colleagues / the situation. 9. The President announced / his resignation / the press.

Ex. 669. Choose the correct alternative from the central column

He, she

1. showed

2. admitted

3. promised

4. complained

5. explained

6. taught

7. mentioned

8. warned

9. assured

10. confessed

11. answered

12. proved

13. said

14. told

15. informed

16. persuaded


to me

(that) he, she was not (wouldn't be) responsible for that.

Ex. 670. Comment on the objects in the following sentences.

1. My children have their teeth checked every six months. 2. We must have this place tidied up before mother and father come home. 3. How on earth did you manage to have your house redecorated so quickly and so well? 4. Get your hair cut — it's a disgrace! 5.1 had my wallet stolen when I was in Naples. 6. We're trying to get the central heating repaired before the bad weather comes. 7. You really ought to have that cut examined: it looks infected to me. 8. She let us have our way. 9. He made us go out. 10.1 heard her sing the latest hit. 11. We heard the children quarrelling over the new toy. 12. She expects the guests to arrive soon. 13. Harold promised to be in time for the presentation. 14. Most women enjoy shopping. 15. My guitar needs tuning. 16. Police officers are not used to being contradicted. 17. We waited for the weather to clear. 18. Never write down what you don't want to be published.

Ex. 671. Translate into English.

1. Может ли кто-нибудь объяснить мне, в чем дело?

2. Не думаю, что кто-нибудь может диктовать нам, что делать. 3. В своем романе писатель часто ссылается на политические события. 4. Это информация, на ко­торую можно ссылаться в будущем. 5. В своих ме­муарах актриса часто ссылается на многих извест­ных людей. 6. Егор попросил меня представить его Насте. 7. Мы встречаемся целый год, а ты еще не представила меня своим родителям. 8. Позвольте представить вам нашего нового управляющего — Сергея Круглова. 9. Моя няня бывало читала мне сказки перед сном. 10. Очень сомневаюсь, что ты су­меешь объяснить своим друзьям этот поступок. 11. Пожалуйста, никогда больше не ссылайся на меня в подобных ситуациях. 12. Если вы мне напишите, то я буду счастлив. 13. Они написали нам из Гааги. 14. Манекенщицы продемонстрировали публике 396

последние модели. 15. Адвокат предупредил своего клиента об опасности.

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