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Verb list: swims, write letters, goes, do homework, read, play, makes tea, watch tv,

gets up, cooks, washes, walk, works, plays.

Team A P1: My brother swims every week. Team B P1: Do you usually write letters

to friends?

Ex. 41. Find five pairs of words.

1 start a in the evening

2 a big meal b gardens

3 in the morning c close

4 houses d finish

5 open e a snack

Life in Britain . . .

Homes and families

Many British people live in (a) __________

not flats. Most houses have gardens.

Daily life

Most office workers (b) _________ work at about nine in the morning and finish at about five or six (c) __________ . Most people don’t go home for lunch.

People usually eat a big meal in the evening; they just have a (d) ___________ at lunchtime.

School life

Children start school at about nine, and (e) ___________ at about half past three. Most children have lunch at school. All children (f) ____________ school when they are four or five years old, and leave when they are sixteen or eighteen.

Shops and restaurants

Most shops (g) _________ at about nine and (h) _________ at about six. Usually, they don’t close for lunch. Many supermarkets stay open twenty-four hours. Most pubs and restaurants close at about eleven o’clock.

Life in my country . . .

Ex. 42 a) Complete these sentences for your country. Use either the negative or the positive


Most people don’t live in houses. They live in flats.

A Most people _________________________________(live) in houses.

B Most people __________________________________(have) gardens.

C Most office workers ________________________(start) work at 9.00.

D Most people ___________________________(go home) at lunch time.

E Most people ____________________(have) a big meal in the evening.

F Children ________________________(go to school) in the afternoon.

G Most children _________________________(leave school) at sixteen.

H Most shops stay _______________________(open) twenty-four hours.

I Most shops __________________________________(close) for lunch.

J Restaurants ______________________(close) at eleven in the evening.

b) Compare answers to the Exercise 42a) with a partner.

c) Write five sentences about the differences between your country and Britain.

In Britain, children start school at about nine o’clock in the morning, but in my country they start school at . . .

Revision Exercises

Ex. 43. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

John Fields 1) is_____ (be) a farmer. He 2) __________(get up) at 5 o’clock in the morning. He 3) _____________ (wash), 4) ______________(dress) and 5) ____________(have) breakfast. He 6) _______________(put on) his coat and 7) ________________(go) outside. He 8) ________________(milk) the cows early in the morning. His wife and children 9) _____________(not /get up) so eraly. They 10) _______________(get up) at 7 o’clock. His wife 11) ______________(feed) the chickens and then she 12) ______________(make) some tea for herself. The children 13) _________________(not / like) tea. They usually 14) ___________ (drink) milk. At 7.30 John 15) ______________(take) the children to school. His wife 16) ___________________(do) the housework and John 17) _______________(work) on the farm. At 4 o’clock the children 18) ______________(come) home from school. Mrs Fields 19) ________________(cook) dinner. John 20) ______________(not / help) his wife with the cooking. In the evening John and his wife 21) ________________(watch) TV or 22) _____________(listen) to the radio. The children 23) _________________(not / watch) TV. They 24) _________________(do) their homework. They all 25) _______________ (go) to bed at 9 p.m. They 26) __________________(be) all very tired.

Ex. 44. Put the vebs in brackets in the “Present Simple”.

My friend Cathy 1) has__ (have) a horse. It 2) ______________(be) a beautiful animal with big eyes and a long tail. Its name is Belta and it 3) ________________(love) people. It 4)________________ (not / bite) or kick and it is always friendly. It 5) ______________ (eat) apples and hay but it 6) ________________(not / eat) meat. Horses 7) _____________(not /like) meat. Cathy usually 8) ____________(ride) her horse every day after school. She 9)________ (not / go) into the town because there is too much traffic. There 10) ___________(not / be) many cars in the country so she 11) _____________(take) Belta there. It often 12) ____________(rain) in England so at night Belta and the other horses 13) _____________(sleep) in a stable. It 14)_____________(not / be) easy looking after a horse but Cathy 15) ____________(enjoy) it very much.

Ex. 45. Fill in the blanks with a verb from the list below in the correct form.

like live travel make say sing read go write be

Michael Johnson 1) lives___ in America. He 2) ____________a famous pop star. He 3)____________ all around the world and 4) ____________ at pop concerts. He 5) __________ his songs too. He also 6) _______________ pop videos. He 7) ______________ staying at home and listening to his records. He sometimes 8) _____________ to expensive restaurants with friends. He also 9) _______________ a lot af books about strange things. Many people 10)_______________ he 11)______________ a strange man but I 12) _____________ him very much.

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