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If she stays at the company, she won’t have to find a new job. . .

Going to

I am going to do something = I have decided to do something.

My intention is to do something

Example: Tom is going to sell his car.

We are not going to buy a new TV set.

Ex. 135. What are these people going to do?

1 She’s going to watch TV.__________ 4 _____________________________

2 He ______________________________ 5 _____________________________

3 They ____________________________ 6 _____________________________

Ex. 136. Write questions and answers with going to.

Example:Lorenzo / football player?

Mr Grant: Is Lorenzo going to be a football player?

No, he isn’t. He isn’t going to be a football player. He’s going to be a teacher.

1 Claudia / singer? 5 Manuel / teacher?

2 Andy / mechanic? 6 Jenny / ballet dancer?

3 Nick / scientist? 7 Melina / stewardess?

4 Rafaella / secretary?

Ex. 137. Look at the chart and talk about these people’s intentions for the future.

Use a structure with going to.

Example: James is going to paint his flat next week.





paint his house

go to Edinburgh

not visit Ireland


begin a German


not play at the

jazz club

change jobs

Rachel and John

find a house

get married

not take a holiday

Ex. 138. Write down five things you really want to do (e.g. move house; get a job;

live overseas; travel; start your own business) Ask your partner about his / her

Intentions. Then ask for reasons.

A: I’m going to get a good job.

B: Why are you going to get a good job?

A: Because I want to earn a lot of money.

B: But why do you want to get a lot of money?

A: Because I’m going to buy a new flat.

B: Why. . .?

Ex. 139. Are you going to do these things tomorrow?

1 (buy a car) I’m not going to buy a car. (or I’m going to buy a car___)

2 (get up before 6.30) I _________________________________________________________

3 (have breakfast) I ____________________________________________________________

4 ( watch TV in the morning) ____________________________________________________

5 (cook a meal) _______________________________________________________________

6 (ride a bicycle) ______________________________________________________________

Ex. 140. Complete the sentences. Use . . . going to + one of these verbs.

eat give lie rain study walk wash

1 My hair is dirty. ____________I’m going to wash__________________ it.

2 I don’t want to go home by bus. I _______________________________________________

3 John’s university course begins in October. He ___________________________engineering.

4 Take an umbrella with you. It __________________________________________________

5 I’m hungry. I _________________________________ this sandwich.

6 It’s Val’s birthday next week. We ___________________________ her a present.

7 I feel tired. I _______________________________ down for an hour.

Will” versus “Be Going To”

Will” is used “Be going to” is used

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