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2.Переведите предложения, в которых модальный глагол must выражает предположение или вероятность.

1. The temperature must have been specified before.

2. This effect must have caused some change in the atomic structure.

3. This evidence must provide some new facts.

4. They must have referred to the figures above.

5. They couldn’t have applied that equation.

6. He can't have explained these phenomena in this way.

7. They should have calculated the distance travelled more accurately.

8. This research team must be going on with the measurements.

9. The object of the experiment is to test the results obtained. You are to provide the necessary equipment for it.

10. They need not know the exact temperature to make the plot.

3.Перепишите сначала все предложения, в которых модальный глагол must выражает долженствование, а за тем предложения, в которых он выражает предположение.Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. You must take a taxi if you want to catch that train.

2. You must tell your mother about it.

3. But she must have seen him!

4. Oh, John, think how she must be suffering!

5. Is she waiting? She must have been waiting for an hour.

6. «Oh, Auntie, » he answered, «you must not talk like that.»

7. And remember, you must come and see the baby as soon as you can.

8. You must go home now, Georgie.

9. You must be a fool to think so.

10. The work must have been carried out in secret for quite a long time.

4.Переведите на русский язык предложения, в которых глаголы should,would и were выступают в форме сослагательного наклонения.

1. Do not trouble. He said he would stop it very soon.

2. I wish he were in Moscow.

3.They suggested that I should take part in this research.

4. I knew that I should come here again.

5. It was suggested that the work should be done without any delay.

6. I wish I would be able to do it on time.

7. Dr.Ivanov said that the Institutes would begin the search for ways and means of providing power in space.

8. He said that the system would be rather expensive.

9. Research and technology should provide the basis for a better everyday living

10. Suitable fuels could be provided by heavy and super-heavy hydrogen.

5.Переведите на русский язык , назовите номера предложений, выражающих нереальное условие типа I.

1. In case I saw him tomorrow, I would certainly speak to him.

2. Unless you do it well, you will always get wrong results.

3. If the temperature of the air were too low, the length of the standard should decrease.

4. If conversions of one unit to another in the British system had been carried out by shifts of a decimal point, it should not have been so hard and monotonous job.

5. If any law of physics were wrong, this should cause a change in our standards of length and time.

6. Unless the accuracy of the optical clocks developed by the scientists had been still greater, the atomic clocks would have been the most accurate now.

7. If the temperature and humidity of air changed, the standard should not be accurate enough.

8. They looked at the device as if they had never seen it before.

9. Unless various units of the MKS system had possessed simple and logical relationships, they would not have been the basis of the SI Units.

10. I shall speak to him, if I have a chance.