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20; 2; 10; 18/21/25/50; 3; 4; 1; 1

  1. I believe the Government should increase its aid to the _____ World.

  2. We shouldn’t treat immigrants as _____ -class citizens.

  3. The Americans celebrate Independence Day on the _____ of July.

  4. More progress has been made in the _____ century than in the whole of history.

  5. In the last sixty years the Olympic 100m record has improved by four _____ of a second.

  6. They’re good friends. They’ve been on _____ name terms for years.

  7. Applications will be dealt with on a _____ come, _____ served basis.

  8. Most people have a special party for their _____ birthday.

Exercise 113. Translate into English.

1. Я родился 31 декабря, так что это двойной празд­ник для меня. 2. Ум хорошо, а два лучше. 3. Конференц-зал находится на четвертом этаже. 4. Школа №1236 находится на 15-й Парковой улице. 5. Дело номер 587 слушается в шестой комнате. 6. Седьмая часть прибыли этой фирмы идет на благотворитель­ность. 7. − Как насчет второй чашечки кофе? − Спа­сибо, одной достаточно. 8. Он сделал вторую, третью попытку, и лишь четвертая увенчалась успехом. 9. У них большая семья. Вторая машина не помешала бы. 10. В гараже две машины. Одна папина, а вторая мо­его старшего брата. 11. Александр закончил школу в 2001 году. 12. Кто говорит, что третий лишний? На­оборот, бог троицу любит. 13. Сейчас я перечитываю «Тысячу и одну ночь». 14. Население этого города − семь миллионов человек. 15. Первая любовь не забывается. 16. Они встретились на премьере. 17. Давай устроим чай на двоих, хорошо? 18. Книгами А. Крис­ти зачитываются миллионы. 19. Многим нравятся фильмы шестидесятых. 20. Ему было где-то ближе к пятидесяти. 21. Мои друзья живут на Третьей улице Строителей. 22. Дети пробрались через изгородь на четвереньках. 23. Вода покрывает четыре пятых зем­ной поверхности. 24. В Ватикане 11 500 комнат. 25. В республике Сан-Марино живет всего 20 000 жителей.

Exercise 114. Put the words in the necessary order.

1. one / I know / man / fat. 2. big / two / there are / elephants / in the garden. 3. twelve / there are / in a jury / jurors. 4. do you mean? / which / people / three 5. second / the / horse / in the race / it was. 6. receive a medal / runners / the / three / first 7. first / to go / in his family/he/one/to university/the / was.

Exercise 115. Comment on the use of the numerals in the following sentences. Translate them into Russian / Ukrainian.

1. The two sisters lived for each other as did Honor and Gavin. 2. There is a letter for you, Philip. It came by the second post. 3. He flashed a conspiratorial grin at the other two. 4. During that time they had a second child, a boy. 5. He looked round guiltily at the three boys standing by. 6. There were two stewardesses, at the moment, in the tourist cabin. Now a third stewardess appeared from the first class com­partment forward, and the three of them were holding a hur­ried conversation. 7. And with something of a thrill he saw that Eldersom was a fourth player. 8, Simon knelt on all fours and was sick till his stomach was empty. 9. After less than five minutes of that perfect silence Soames came in. 10. "The five of them ought to be photographed," said Regan, surveying her grandchildren. 11. The man seemed to be in his late forties, with a long sandy mustache trailing across his lip. 12. Boys lingered talking to one another and pres­ently some who had hurried to change came out to play fives; others straggled out in twos and threes and went out of the gateway: Philip knew they were going up to the cricket ground. 13. I began to earn my own living when I was fif­teen. 14. His voice had a thousand modulations. 15. There are nearly two million front doors in London. 16. Well, you or somebody ought to give him a look-up-last of the old lot; he's a hundred, you know. 17. Catherine had a little over twelve hundred lire. 18. For some time after that the gentle­man was silent. It was interesting to see him, taking a look, staking a stroke on the paper, taking another look. Hun­dreds of looks, hundreds of strokes.

Exercise 116. Fill in appropriate articles where necessary.

1. It was only ... fifth of July, and no meeting was fixed with Fleur until... ninth. 2. June walked straight up to her former friend, kissed her cheek, and ... two settled down on a sofa never sat on since the hotel's foundation. 3. He'd catch ... two o'clock train back to New York, 4. She is quite aged for ... seventy, isn't she? What I would call ... old sev­enty. 5. The letter bored him, and when it was followed next day by another, and the day after by ... third, he began to worry. 6. Philip looked at his uncle with disapproval when he took ... second piece of cake. 7. He walked along thought­fully. He wasn't going to be one of ... lucky ten who were going to be taken back. 8. "Miss Luce will be ... second mother to the children," she said. 9. They talked of ... thousand things, and they all talked at once. 10. James looked at her sideways and placed ... second piece of ham in his mouth. 11. The phone rang almost immediately ... third time. 12. The phone, ringing for ... fourth time, interrupted his thoughts. 13. ... three times I have already done that. Everything! Then this time will make ... fourth. 14. That question, too, he had asked himself ... thousand times. 15. Once more he had used the service stairs from ... eighth floor to ... ninth.

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