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Brief guidelines for the work of students in the practice

Originally performed input control knowledge through tests and oral answers, solving situational problems. Students begin to himself constantly at work with patients under the supervision of the teacher. Collects ana m nezu, physical examination of patients with skin cancer, melanoblastoma, l and m fohranulematozom, study data further examination of patients. Prov reproduced at identifying leading syndromes, differentiation and disease with Mr. Shimi and justification preliminary diagnosis. Outline a treatment plan. During the test, each student at Lane dit physical examination of the patient (inspection, palpation of lymph nodes, abdomen, percussion, auscultation). During classes, students interpret Chapter boratorni data ultrasonographycal endoscopic, radiological, cytological and histopathological studies and researches. In intensive care and resuscitation students know when Mr. tsypy intensive care and supervision of critically ill patients. Work in Trans' I zuvalniy, operating. Next conducted final test. Summarizes lessons, announced the results at counter human knowledge and skills.

Process Map practical lessons


Stages classes

Training time


Prospect Place at driving lessons

Mr. Means and learning



Determination of n con t o Primary role of knowledge

30 min

Tests survey uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy



Addressing Mr. and vchalnyh with a t e inthis we


Case patients at historical Rhee minutes at the paper, the development and l lit diagnostician and ki and medication in the bathroom

Stories about patients like leaves appointments, CT-grams, MRI program, radiographs

Chamber scarf in vibrational, and operations on, classrooms, and endoscope ical room and no


Definition in s tern level sform at vanosti knowledge and skills. Summing pi d bag.

30 min

Tests survey uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy, ci f we



Due to the fact that the department conducted watershed and final evaluation, as an example, give a few tests




Final test control

Test number 1

A patient 52 years complains of appearing on the skin of the glans penis formation, which is growing rapidly. During the inspection determined at k ruhle limited, bright red, flat, agonizing with velvety surface formation about 1 cm in diameter. What is the likely diagnosis?

A. Erytroplaziya Kairi;

B. Squamous cell carcinoma;

C. Papilloma;

D. Rodent ulcer;

E. Chancre.


Test number 2.

The patient in '28 revealed tumor of skin left leg flesh to about loru with ulcers in the center with a diameter of 3 cm, which does not heal 2 months, Zoom b tween complete inguinal lymph nodes on the affected side for 1 to 2 cm in diameter. Expose f ing diagnosis - melanoblastoma skin left leg with metastases to inguinal l and mfovuzly. What signs indicate disease?

A. The presence of tumors on the skin of the lower leg.

B. The presence of tumor, covered with sores on the skin of the shin, lumps in n and hu.

C. The presence of tumor that does not heal, the skin of the shin, lumps in n and hu.

D. Only the presence of enlarged lymph nodes in the groin.

E. Size of the tumor and lymph nodes.


Test number 3.

Patient 55 years, suffering from diabetes for 10 years. Vick at Nana left thigh amputation 6 months ago. Troubled sores in the area after I operational scar that appeared 1.5 months ago, shortness of breath. Ikuvannya L maz I we no effect. In the groin area of dense, elastic, painless knot to 2 cm in diameter. In the area of postoperative scar crater ulcer 2x4 cm flabby granulation and necrotic bottom. Cytological conclusion would zskri ka with expression of ki - squamous cell carcinoma. What research should be done to stand in ing stage of the process in the first place?

A. Radiography of the chest;

B. Computed tomography of the chest;

C. Angiography;

D. Scanning;

E. Ultrasound retroperitoneum.


Test number 4

The patient in '82 on the skin of the trunk multiple dense pu's tench from 0.3 to 1 cm in diameter. Peripheral lymph nodes were not enlarged. When cytology - elements undifferentiated carcinoma, but in ne - squamous cell carcinoma. What further and rolled teak?

A. Cryodestruction formations.

B. Removing tumors.

C. Additional examination of the patient by the organs and systems of the sighting and sentenced hoyu the esophagus and lungs.

D. Deleting entities after chemotherapy.

E. Observing the patient.


Test number 5

Patient 65 years. is onkohirurhichnomu department with a diagnosis of squamous cell skin cancer cheek. What should be the treatment strategy in state and nomu case?

A. Radiation therapy - hormone therapy.

B. surgery - postoperative radiotherapy + complex medi tion n.

C. neadyuvantna vnutriarterialna chemotherapy + radiotherapy + tion and operas

D. preoperative radiotherapy + surgery + complex medi tion n.

E. operation + hormone therapy.


Test number 6

Patient B. '31 at preventive examinations on the left half of December Dr. Noah cells detected elastic, rounded, smooth, rolling swell n junction, purple-bluish color to 1.5 cm in diameter, spadayetsya when pressed. Lymph nodes were not enlarged. Your preliminary diagnosis?

A. Cancer left breast.

B. Mastopatia left breast.

C. Pigmented nevus.

D. Hemanhyoma.

E. Melanoma.


Test number 7

Patient N., 21 years appealed to the doctor complaining of increasing li m fovuzliv neck and left inguinal area. Examination: R-graphy WGC - p and tolohiyi found. Zag and lny and blood - red cells-4, 1x Oct. 12 / l, Hb-122 / L, L-9, 4 x 10 9 / l, f-4%, b-0% P-2%, p -64%, l-22% m 8% ESR-12 mm / h. When needle biopsy cells found Berezovs koho-Sternberg. Your Doctor and ahnoz?


A. Hodgkin desease

B. lymphosarcoma

C. Metastatic lymph nodes

D. Leukemia

E Limphadenitis


Test number 8

Patient N., 21 years appealed to the doctor complaining of increasing that m perature t and la to 37.2 0 C-37, 3 0 C for 3 weeks, lumps in the neck and left axillary region and hone to 1.5 cm . In laboratory examinations in blood: erythrocyte sedimentation rate 35 mm / h, white blood cell count 8.8 × 10 9 / L, lymphocyte Penny at 8%, increased fibrinogen to 7.7 g / l. In the X-ray shadow of mediastinal enlargement. What preliminary diagnosis can put patients at th?

A. Chronic les and Cossack

B. lymphosarcoma

C. Limfohranul e matoz.

D. Infectious m at nonukleoz

E Limphadenitis.


Test number 9

Patient '17 complains of general weakness, night sweats pronounced, generalized itching, pi t d raising the body over the past 15 days to 38.5 0. Palpable determined increased to 2-cm, painless neck l and mfovuzly left. Tot. blood: Hb - 90 g / l; Lake. - 9h109 / l, ESR - 40 mm / h. Diagnosis?

A. Limfohranul e matoz

B. AD onichnyy lymphocytic leukemia

C. Tuberculosis

D. lymphadenopathy

E lymphosarcoma.


Test number 10

The patient in '23 limfohranul e matoz / disease Hodzhkina / second stage of the lesion cervical-supraclavicular lymph nodes and lymph nodes left with is redostinnya. Histologically, mixed-cell variant. Select the best method of treatment bath?

A. 3 courses of chemotherapy / TSOPP /.

B. 3 courses of chemotherapy / TSOPP / + radiotherapy for radical b Noah apps and my above diaphragm

C. Radiotherapy for radical program on all nodes above diafra g we

D. Radiation therapy for all groups of lymph nodes on both sides diafra g we

E Radiation te rapiya the left cervical-supraclavicular area



Standards of answers: 1 - B, 2 - C, 3 - E, 4 - C, 5 - B, 6 - D, 7 - A, 8 - C,

9 - A, 10 - B.


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