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Topical Vocabulary

eleven-year school system to cultivate practical skills

compulsory schooling common/broad/simplified curriculum

preschool, primary, secondary education physically handicapped children

higher, postgraduate education to be humanities/sciences orientated

a gymnasium, a lyceum, a collegium atestat of basic secondary education

a boarding school, an art school atestat of general secondary education

Local Education Authorities (LEAs) a secondary school diploma

to promote/transfer from .. to… the International Baccalaureate

to prescribe curricula and textbooks to take the Government Tests

to develop cognitive activity to take entrance exams

to cooperate with foreign counterparts to pass/fail/retake an exam

1. We have got an ... in Ukraine as pupils go to school eleven years.

2. It’s difficult to be a school-leaver, I have to … and get high points to enter a university or an institute.

3. Private school graduates are lucky, they also receive … besides school atestat.

4. Have you …? – Oh, I’ve … again.

5. She enrolled her son to … as he liked foreign languages.

6. When my mom finished school she had to … but I don’t.

7. Gymnasia are …, while lyceums are … .

8. There is a special … for lower-attaining pupils.

9. Finishing the 9th grade Ukrainian pupils get …, in the 11th they obtain … .

10. Oleh has to repeat the year, he’s missed a lot of classes and can’t … .

8. Paraphrase the following sentences using the Topical Vocabulary on schooling..

1. This school teaches many subjects and maintains friendly relations with those abroad who have the same purpose.

2. The Department of Education and Science instructs what subjects to teach and what books to use in the process of teaching.

3. Kids with the loss of hearing or sight should go to special schools as all kids.

4. Jane Eyre was seldom at her uncle’s home, she studied and lived at school.

5. You should have high results in tests if you want to be admitted to KPU.

6. Ukrainian pupils have to go to school at the age of six.

7. Gymnasia pay much attention to languages, lyceums – to Maths and Physics.

8. John’s mom decided to give the boy to a gymnasium after the fourth grade.

9. She was proud of graduating high school with honours.

10. Kids are taught to wash and dress themselves, lay the table, read, write block-letters, draw, play and get on well with others in the kindergarten.

9. Do the multiple-choice task. Choose the best answer.

1. The headmaster had been trying to … money for a new science block.

a) ask b) deal c) increase d) raise

2. Many teachers are protesting about the Government … .

a) contradictions b) cuts c) drops d) reductions

3. Little Tom didn’t like his first … at school at all.

a) course b) period c) presence d) term

4. They had lunch together in the school … .

a) bar b) café c) canteen d) restaurant

5. Rita is not … of doing this work – she should change her class.

a) capable b) fit c) possible d) suitable

6. After he broke the window, the boy was … from school.

a) exiled b) excluded c) expelled d) extracted

7. What are you going to do when you … school?

a) complete b) conclude c) end d) leave

8. This school has the highest … standards in our town.

a) academic b) intelligence c) learning d) study

9. Someone from the Ministry of Education is coming to … our classes.

a) control b) inspect c) look on d) overlook

10. The Headmaster is preparing the … for next term.

a) brochure b) catalogue c) pamphlet d) timetable

11. Comprehensive schools … for all levels of ability.

a) cater b) cope c) look d) watch

12. Secondary schools offer a wide … of subjects.

a) field b) list c) range d) type

10. Put each of the following words from the box into its correct place in the passage below. Each word may be used only once.

tuition performance-based interscholastic backgrounds

Placement educational program founded registration

instruction media center languages IB Diploma

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