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Perfect Tense

  1. Since the first kidnapping the Palestinian leader (become) increasingly visible and (give) a press conference in D.

  2. The representative of the authorities just (confirm1) that nearly half of the fund’s annual budget comes from foreign donations.

  3. Forty minutes prior, air-traffic controllers (lose) radar contact with the plane flying to Washington and assumed2 it (crash).

  4. The significance of saying to a pilot that you are authorized to shoot down a plane full of Americans is an order that (give) before.

  5. The commission made referrals3 the inspector general’s offices of both the Department of Transportation and the Defense Department to further investigate whether witnesses4 (lie).

  6. It is true that some people (criticize) loyalty card schemes according to which a customer should register for a card on a database.

  7. This month we (sponsor) a survey to find out what benefits5 are in financial terms to a company that decided to go in for teleworking.

  8. It has been estimated that since 1935 more than 500 million people (play) Monopoly.

  9. When I went home for Christmas I sensed my parents were a little surprised that I (manage) to survive so well.

  10. Since the park was made into a national one in 1872, many other national parks (create) to protect areas of national beauty.

  11. Musical instruments remarkably similar to the guitar (play) for at least the last five thousand years.

  12. Plans to turn much of the J. Valley into a large reservoir to provide drinking water for the local area (receive) mixed reactions at the present meeting. Local councilors6 (praise) the scheme arguing the environmental and economic benefits of flooding7 the valley will far outweigh the disadvantages. Several small rural communities in the valley will disappear, however.

  13. Professor Z. argues8 that large-scale changes in the Mediterranean climate (take place) ever since the world was formed.

  1. Confirm – удостоверить

  2. Assume –предполагать

  3. Referrals– действие ссылаясь на кого-то или что-то для консультации, обзора или дальнейших мер

  4. Witnesses– свидетель

  5. Benefits –преимущества

  6. Councilors – советники

  7. Flooding – наводнение

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