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Perfect Tense

  1. A recent survey (show) an increase of distrust for politicians. They (regard) always as untrustworthy but now politicians are below even lawyers in the public’s estimations1.

  2. The woman whose purse I found (offer) to give me a reward2 these days.

  3. I couldn’t understand why the vacuum cleaner wasn’t working and I then realized that I (not plug in) it.

  4. He realized he (miss) the opportunity of improving tense relations in the family.

  5. The investigators (carry out) tests on the pieces of plane recovered after the accident during the last two weeks.

  6. His death which (take place) quite suddenly in the evening was attributed3 to heart failure.

  7. I just (learn) that you are not what you pretend to be.

  8. I (determine) all my life never to fall into the trap of wanting luxury.

  9. The lawyer added that the law (reserve) its most severe punishment for those in position of public eminence4.

  10. The drug dealer (put) behind bars now after he was trapped by a police operation code-named “Frica”.

  11. What rumors you (hear) recently about the royal family?

  12. The witnesses5 said that plane (reach) its take-off speed of 150 mph when a fire broke out in the rear engine.

  13. Over the past year the number of unemployed (increase) by over 260,000.

  14. Today’s news: a man armed with a short gun held up cashiers at the bank today and stole £6000. Police (appeal) for witnesses. The number to ring is…

  15. He (be) out of work for nine months by now. What he (do) recently?

  16. He (try) to break away from those comedy roles for years but producers won’t let him.

  17. (See) my camera anywhere? I (look) for it for days.

  18. Our small film (operate) in the market for a few months and we find it difficult to compete with specialized logistics companies.

  19. If you (transfer) the corporation production lines to Latin-America by the end of the year you would have to organize the delivery of components to the manufacturing sites.

  20. If you (place) an order now we (deliver) the goods by the end of the month.

  1. Estimation – оценка

  2. Reward – награда

  3. Attribute – относится к, считать

  4. Eminence– слава или превосходство в определенной сфере

  5. Witnesses – свидетели

Perfect Tense

  1. Due to the lack of investment by a private rail company the recent rail crash (happen) in Peru.

  2. One Friday there are rumors that the founder of the company (decide) to resign. As a result the share price (fall) by 15%.

  3. The sacrifices that a worker (make) should be compensated by the employer.

  4. For several weeks he (try) to persuade a medium-sized company to start using his services. But all his attempts by now are invain.

  5. My partner has a small fleet of identical vans and for the past ten years he (buy) the same kind of van because they are reliable.

  6. Do you know that the company (stop) producing this car model?

  7. Over a period if six weeks an American marketing man claimed that he (use) a machine to flash messages lasting no more than 1/3000th of a second onto the screen while audiences were watching a movie. But later he was forced to admit that his “experiment” (be) a hoax (=trick) staged in an attempt to revive his failing business.

  8. Company owners and supervisors (frustrate and confuse) always by the employee with little or no motivation.

  9. The ex-wife of a doctor recognized the burning house on television as the residence she (occupy) during her tortured marriage.

  10. A Hollywood star appeared at the theatre with her former MGM co-star who (dismiss1) by L. Mayer the president of a film studio for not conforming to the studio image.

  11. In a shocking gesture he fires his assistant of 42 years who (help) arrange every step of his life, put up with him, cared for him.

  12. Sorry I am late; I (drive) around the block for about an hour looking for a parking space.

  13. The top manager is at a loss what to do. His best salespeople (threaten2) to quit3 and sales are falling off.

  14. I just (fire). The owner of the company has got no right as I am entitled to a month’s notice. Anyway? Any clients (complain4) about me?

  1. Dismiss – отклонить

  2. Threaten – угрожать

  3. Quit – бросить/уволиться

  4. Complain –жалоба

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