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Perfect Tense

More and more traditional jobs (disappear) by the middle of this century.

Scientists are predicting1 that in the next thirty years, the television and home computer (replace) by one machine – the home “Virtual Reality Center” or VRC. The mayor (ban) all lawn sprinkling because of the water shortage this summer. It is doubtful whether anyone can make place between the estranged2 partners: they (become) irreconcilable3.

The work stoppage was caused by a few rebels who felt that they (ignore) when the promotions were made.

  1. Predict – прогнозировать

  2. Estranged –отчужденный

  3. Irreconcilable – непримиримые

Perfect Tense

  1. He belongs to a religious group. He never (to eat) meat.

  2. I’d like to visit a military camp. I never (to be) there.

  3. She already (to be) to the fashion show several times this year. Last time she (to be) there a few days ago.

  4. My friend (to bring) just a collection of ancient books from abroad. They cost a lot of money. Their covers (to make) of real leather.

  5. I (to be) never to a bull-flight. This year I (to be going) to visit Spain as a tourist.

  6. You look tired. Your (to work) hard?

  7. You (manage) to capture the criminal? We (to able, not) to do it. We never (to meet) such a talented thief.

Perfect Tense

  1. They (to mention) the name of her mother since her childhood.

  2. The inhabitants1 of the village were convinced2 that the ghost (привидение) (live) in ancient castles (замки) since 1584.

  3. Before the frightened woman opened her eyes the UFO and its crew (disappear) into the night.

  4. As soon as I arrived at the airport the luggage (check).

  5. Nobody knew if the suspicious looking man (arrest) by the police on that day.

  6. He admitted he (involve) in the political scandal which took place several years ago.

  7. The patient hopes that he (undergo) a delicate operation restoring his sight in one eye by the end of the week.

  8. Scientists (look for) a solution since the problem was discovered.

  9. I (lose) a lot of weight. I feel much better at present.

  10. You (see) my wallet anywhere? I (lose) it.

  11. She couldn’t recognize her old friend as he (change) his image entirely.

  12. Where you (put) my keys? I can’t find them anywhere.

  13. Some natural resources (disappear) by the end of the century.

  14. A team of experts (complete) their investigations until tomorrow night.

  15. According to the information from newspapers the police (file) charges against the suspect within several days.

  16. According to the statistics there is a good chance that either you or one of your nearest (involve) in an accident sometime during your life.

  17. If Welch was concerned that an Athens newspaper recently (print) the addresses of the top CIA officials in Greece, he didn’t mention it.

  18. The Greek prime minister was forced to replace3 three members of his Cabinet who (participate) in an effort to hide a wanted Kurdish rebel leader.

  19. The offer to take the post of top official in charge of security for the Olympic Games increased his anxiety4 because terrorism (be) a priority for all administrations in the last 25 years but not one member of terrorist group of November 17 (arrest) or even (identify5).

  20. French secret files showed the suspect (pick up) by Paris police in 2003 for carrying false documents but was released and disappeared.

  21. The government (retain6) power by a slim margin at the present elections.

  22. The families of the terrorist’s victims formed a group headed by P.M. whose father (murder).

  23. X. was an explosives expert and (involve) in car bombings during a number of the bank robberies.

  24. According to rumours7 the suspect8 (convict) of multiple murders in today’s trial.

  25. A.J. received 21 life sentences for other murders he (commit).

  1. Inhabitants – жители

  2. Convince – убеждать

  3. Replace – заменить

  4. Anxiety – тревога

  5. Identify – определить

  6. Retain – получить, удерживать

  7. Rumours – слухи

  8. Suspect – подозреваемый

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