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Portyanko Irina.Test 2

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Test 2.

  1. The perfect and the most important for human system of communication

  1. Language

  2. Typology

  3. Comparative linguistic

  1. A treated as a generalized meaning, possessed by set words, their forms, which are regularly registered in different syntactic constructions it’s

  1. Grammatical category

  2. Grammatical meaning

  3. Grammatical forms

  1. The generally represented by at least two grammatical forms and also express grammatical meaning by flexion it’s

  1. Grammatical forms

  2. Grammatical category

  3. Grammatical meaning

  1. The correlation grammatical meaning and grammatical category in it’s unity is

  1. Grammatical meaning

  2. Grammatical category

  3. Grammatical forms

  1. Languages, on the one hand, consist of …. And, on the other hand, has the structure of languages understanding the internal organization of it.

  1. Language elements ( phoneme, morpheme)

  2. Language skills

  3. Language norms

  1. Typologies consist of general and ….

  1. Partial

  2. Areal

  3. Structural

  1. Language in which the form of the word it’s change to show a shift in meaning or grammatical function (Language such Greek, Latin, Ukrainian) it’s

  1. Inflecting language

  2. Agglutinative language

  3. Isolating language

  1. Language in which word forms don’t change and in which grammatical function are show by word order and the use of function words it’s

  1. Isolating language

  2. Agglutinative language

  3. Inflecting language

  1. Language in which various affix maybe glue to the stem of word to add to it’s meaning out to show is grammatical function it’s

  1. Inflecting language

  2. Isolating language

  3. Agglutinative language

  1. Tell about polysynthetic language and partial and general typology.

Polysynthetic language is including in the composition of other verbal predicate of the sentence, sometimes with change in sound fundaments.

General typology is study general troubles what expression same and different features, that characterize system individual languages all over the world.

Partial typology is study problem narrow character and research typological characteristic one language.

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