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Portyanko Irina. Test 1

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Test 1.

  1. A branch of linguistics aims at establishing similar general categories serving, as bases for the classification of languages of different types it’s

  1. Typology

  2. Contrastive typology

  3. Analytical typology

  1. A linguistic subject of typology based on the method of comparison or contrasting it’s

  1. Typology

  2. Contrastive typology

  3. Ethnography typology

  1. Comparative linguistic is based of the typological method of …… which is ground upon the process of comparative.

  1. Synthesis

  2. Research

  3. Analyses

  1. A branch of typology which investigated all languages of the world and aims at singling out in them such features(phenomena) which are common in all languages it is

  1. General typology

  2. Areal typology

  3. Universal typology

  1. The typological classification of language on the basis of the morphological criteria was made by …

  1. Humboldt

  2. Bopp

  3. Schleicher

  1. Humboldt grouped all known to him languages into the

  1. Three classes

  2. Four classes

  3. Five classes

  1. To indentify and investigate the isomorphic and allomorphic features of the speech sounds within the sound systems of languages under contrasted investigation it’s aim of

  1. Typology of the phonetic

  2. Typology of the morphemic

  3. Typology of the lexical

  1. The universal phonetic phenomena are that all language have …..

  1. vowels and consonants

  2. Percussion

  1. The quantitative representation of consonant sounds is different in either of the contrasted languages: in Ukrainian their number is 32 and in English

  1. 25

  2. 20

  3. 24

  1. Please, tell about Humboldt’s classification.

This classification includes four classes:

  • Inflecting language

  • isolating language

  • Agglutinative language

  • Polysynthetic language

Inflecting Language in which the form of the word it’s change to show a shift in meaning or grammatical function (Language such Greek, Latin, Ukrainian).

Isolating Language in which word forms don’t change and in which grammatical function are show by word order and the use of function words.

Agglutinative Language in which various affix maybe glue to the stem of word to add to it’s meaning out to show is grammatical function.

Polysynthetic language is including in the composition of other verbal predicate of the sentence, sometimes with change in sound fundaments.

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