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«Инструментальные системы машиностроительных производств». Методические указания и задания по английскому языку для студентов машиностроительных специальностей (121300) / Составитель: ст.преп. Т.М.Гильманова, ст.преп. А.И. Крючкова Набережные Челны: КамПИ, 2005, 31с.

Методические указания и задания ставят своей целью обучить студентов чтению текстов по специальности на английском языке и подготовить их к самостоятельной работе над аналогичными текстами. Указания рассчитаны на студентов, овладевших навыками чтения. Тексты взяты из оригинальных источников, рассчитаны как на аудиторную, так и на самостоятельную работу студентов. Данные тексты также могут быть полезны студентам, изучающим курс «Технология машиностроения, металлорежущие станки и инструменты».

Рецензент: к.ф.н., доцент кафедры иностранных языков Г.Т. Гильфанова.

Камский государственный политехнический институт, 2005 г.

Текст №1.

«Aggressiveness finds the right CNC lathe».

A subcontractor that has taken a more aggressive route on pricing, chose a smaller turning centre that has increased spindle size when compared with lower cost machines.

As a subcontractor, Autocraft Engineering has always aimed to be a forward-thinking company with the skills, experience and equipment to offer its customers high-quality precision components at competitive prices.

Based on these capabilities, the Gwent-based company now plans to secure a reliable long-term business base by manufacturing its own products as well - and it has ordered a new DMG CTX 410 lathe to make them on. It was about a year ago that Autocraft first started to make and sell a product under its own name.

This was a manually-operated cylinder that forms part of a quick-hitch mechanism for construction equipment such as excavator buckets. Autocraft’s customer, which supplies the quick-hitch systems to OEMs such as Volvo and Komatsu, was so impressed with the way Autocraft approached the task, that it asked if it could also design and make a hydraulic safety switch. With two products to its name, Autocraft could really start to think as a manufacturer in its own right.

As Autocraft’s Managing Director Vince Edwards explains, if you have your own products it brings an element of consistency into the business. ’Working as a subcontractor can be a bit hit and miss,’ he says. ’Although we are happy to take on subcontracting work when we can, if you don’t have a clear idea of what work is going to come in it is difficult to plan and run your business. The cylinders started to work well for us last year, and together with the hydraulic valves they should provide a substantial and reliable volume of business.’ The CTX 410 is Autocraft’s first DMG lathe, and Edwards says

that the decision to change suppliers was made easy by the keen pricing and high productivity of the CTX 410 DMG has achieved this by refining its manufacturing processes and concentrating on a clearly-defined range of standard machines and options. ’It was always generally recognised that DMG made quality machines, but there was a perception that the cost was a bit off-putting. Now they have taken a more aggressive route on pricing, the machines have become an extremely good option.

One of the benefits that I saw was that the CTX 410 can offer me an increased spindle size on a smaller machine. This made it very competitive against some of the lower cost US machines.’ The company runs a three-shift system which Vince says is ‘pretty lean’ and keeps the machines running 20 hours a day, four days a week. He says this means the company doesn’t have any overtime issues and can maintain a keen lead-time for its customers. The shift scheme works well,’ says Edwards. ’We can have three guys running six or seven machines twenty hours a day, and the CTX suits that philosophy.

And if we can run it lights-out we will.’ Autocraft will also be making full use of the CTX 410’s live tooling capability to produce the components. The cylinders, for example, which range from 280mm to 340mm long and measure 75 mm in diameter, include an angled face that needs to be milled, a variety of holes and a threaded end. ’We plan to make both the hydraulic valve and the cylinders on the CTX 410, and with a bit of luck we will have enough work to warrant buying another one.

We are already au fait with CNC machining, and we have chosen the Fanuc control on the CTX so that it is compatible with our existing equipment. We’ve got a pretty reliable order base with the cylinder and the valve work so we should have the continuity to allow us to run at high efficiencies and, hopefully, good profit levels,’ says Edwards.


  1. Изучите словарь к тексту, запомните эти слова:

CNC-computer numerical control-ЧПУ. a subcontractor - субподрядчик refine - очищать

a thread - резьба, нарезать резьбу an angle - угол

process - процесс, режим, подвергать обработке

a bucket - поршень, лопасть, ковш

hitch - рывок, зацеп, внезапная остановка

mill - станок, фреза, прокатный стан, фрезеровать

to be au fait [du FeiJ - быть сведущим в чем-либо

  1. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие вопросы:

  1. What benefits made a new СТ 410 very competitive against some of the lower cost us machines?

  2. What characteristics has a new lathe?

  3. Сделайте краткое сообщение на английском языке по содержанию текста.

  4. Выразите отношение к прочитанному тексту, используя следующие выражения: I found the text interesting (informative, dull, of no value, worth reading and discussing).

Текст №2.

«CNC lathe reduces work cycles by 12%».

In searching for a robust, high build specification turning centre, a machine shop found a slant bed CNC lathe that has since reduced cycle times on tough, complex parts by 12 per cent.


When Martin Beer, general manager at Plymouth-based specialist sub-contractor PTG Precision Engineers, wanted to increase capacity and throughput in line with customer improvement projects, his search centred on a robust, high build specification turning centre that could cope with the aggressive machining of cast iron components. I

After a review of several machines, he opted for a Super Kia Turn SKT300 two-axis slant bed lathe from Ward CNC of Sheffield - and not only is the machine satisfying PTG’s demanding production routines, but it has also reduced cycle times by 12 per cent. PTG has been established since 1977 and has evolved from a small toolmaking company into one of the most valued and progressive sub-contractors in the UK.

PTG is currently introducing lean manufacturing throughout its operation and continues to maintain high quality standards, including ISO 9001:2000. ’We have a fair spread of customers throughout industry including companies that manufacture hydraulic motors and pumps, compressor manufacturers as well as a customer base in the valve industry,’ Beer explains.

’Recently we have been keen to enter into partnership agreements with many of our customers and suppliers, so that we can forecast further ahead using Kanban techniques. To help ensure we had sufficient capacity to introduce such a method we required another CNC turning centre.’ However, no ordinary turning centre would suffice.

At PTG, much of the machining is based on medium-to- high complexity cast iron or SG (spheroidal graphite) iron gear casing components. This required a robust machine with enough ‘grunt’, as Beer describes it, to cope with the rigours of such tough materials in the aggressive fashion required to match the company’s high productivity demands.

’We looked at turning centres from several suppliers,’ he says, ‘but when we saw the robust build quality of the Kia we


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